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We're giving away 40…that's right… 40 of these iSimple megaPhones that improve your iPhone or iPod's volume ( Here's what you do to win:

-- Do you have me in a circle?  Check step one off the list!
-- Publicly share THIS post in your G+ stream, and you're done with step 2!

That's it! You can get all the details at You do have to have an address in the United States. We'll pick a winner in a week… it's going to take us a while to count to 40. 1….2…3…uh, what's next??

Oh… and if you don't win, you can always pick one up here:
The megaPhone by iSimple is a cool little device designed with special acoustics to boost volume.
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You don't even have an iPhone or iPod.
All C9 should have an i device, "easy to use" LOL
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