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Matthew Coe
I'm just this guy, you know?
I'm just this guy, you know?

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I may not like Ruby or Rails, but I sure like that this toy is named this!

Another sign your new earbuds are the best headphones you've ever used: you're listening to something with some deep subsonics, and despite all logic you can feel the bass in your chest.

5-21K Hz range on these things. I've heard things in these buds that I've never heard in these songs before.

I realised something the other day. It's not Steve Rogers who's the ultimate Scout-turned-hero. It's Cst. Benton Fraser. #DueSouth

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This is amazing. The melody sounds like it was generated by a Commodore 64. I've definitely heard some of these noises in C64 games.

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Listening right now, really an unmistakable +Sigur Rós vibe. Loving it.

Does anybody else remember, fondly or not, running webcams at your desk 24/7? What ever happened to doing that?

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Had a few thoughts tonight on my own history with computing trends.

Funny how you discover just how much tension you're carrying in your body when you take your first yoga class in several months, a yin class with the teacher you like, and you really try to push the stretches to where your body stops, and you finish the class... and while you're naturally standing and sitting straighter, and walking more smoothly... you just want to cry.

Thanks, Leo. :)

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I had some thoughts on taking ownership of one's work.. what are yours?

"So why didn’t I say something? Because I was acting like someone else owned the backlog, and my job is just to take work off it. This isn’t true. I could have saved myself, and everyone else, a lot of trouble, by recognising that I own the backlog as much as anybody else. If bugs are languishing in the backlog, then it’s your responsibility, as a member of the team, to bring that up during planning sessions."
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