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So I logon for the first time in ages and I see that quite a few of my acquaintances seems to have at least started a G+ account since last time..

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I've been meaning to revive the blog..

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Organized crime used to be about drugs. These days it's licensing.

Groups on G+! When did this happen? I've only stayed on FB due to a few groups but maybe now I can leave :D

First rule of manipulation: make sure you're smarter than the one you're trying to manipulate.

Checking in in G+ for the first time in ages. Interesting look and feel on the iDevice app

I may have forgotten all about G+.. oops.

Why haven't evolution taken care of Danish?

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CCIE #30914 - passed after a reread of second attempt.

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+Patrik fältström @ Atea techcamp
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