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I now have a twitter account.  If you do too then please follow #HermeticSystems

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My "Collected Writings", consisting of over 100 articles written during 1996-2016, is now available on CD-ROM. Please see

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Just released, the November 2015 edition of the Serendipity Website-on-CD.  This is the final edition (really).

For what's new in the last six months see

Since April 2015 most enhancements to my software have been to the word- and phrase-frequency programs, and  Some of this new capability has surprised even me, such as the ability to order words/phrases according to the number of files in which they occur (within a set of files), rather than their  frequency in all the files -- see  Also surprising was the ability to order documents (in a set) according to the frequency of a particular word or phrase (or more than one) -- see

I also did new versions of my file backup program, my email encryption program, and my file scrubber program.  All of these can be accessed via my new Software Shop --

And I've just released (under a new name) a new version of an old program, "Hermetic MultiFile Search",  This is for rapid searching of a large number of files (after creating an index for those files).  I used this to create the search programs for my CD-ROMs: and

I also did a heliocentric version of my (geocentric) 'Planetary Aspects and Transits' program --

No change, however, to my Timewave Zero website --

I've been developing (and publishing) Windows software since 2000, about 30 programs so far.  Most haven't sold well, so now only about half of them are listed on my site -- -- and the public shows little interest, so I think it's time to find something else (not software development) to interest me so that I don't become bored.  I doubt, however, that I'll write about it here.

For what's new at Hermetic Systems see

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I made some inquiries about doing a PhD in philosophy, but wasn't able to find anyone able/willing to supervise my (admittedly somewhat ambitious) study (the development of the modern scientific materialist worldview and its pernicious effects on modern society).  But why bother?  It looks like modern humans are intent on destroying themselves anyway (see Noam Chomsky's article at  Nevertheless I did write a short philosophical piece, which I've put up at   I doubt it will be well received by those academic philosophers who bother to read it.

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In the last 14 years I developed about 30 items of Windows software, with user licenses purchasable for a modest amount from my website Hermetic Systems.  About 10 of these attracted very little interest from the buying public and so were withdrawn.  The 20 that remain are now finished, and I don't plan on developing any more (though I'm open to proposals for writing custom software).  It's time to try something else, hopefully both interesting and income-augmenting.  Suggestions (via the Contact page on my website) are welcome.

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In my "Computational Studies of Pure and Dilute Spin Models" I finally got around to cleaning up the faulty HTML produced by the shoddy doc-to-HTML of an early version of MS Word, so it's now 100% readable, and, I think, a good introduction to Monte Carlo simulation in solid state physics research.  If some real-world publisher would care to publish it then I'd include the complete C source code for the simulation program.

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Just released some more software. Great for secure exchange of information about that new project you're working on with your colleague on the opposite coast.  Exchange messages, plans, drafts, blueprints, images, secret occult formulae, etc., without concern that eavesdroppers will be able to get at anything.

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Just released a new (and probably the last) edition (April 2013) of the Timewave Zero CD-ROM.  In addition to the DOS/Windows TWZ software, 'Fractal Time', this now has over 30 articles, including transcripts of some of Terence's talks, plus some audio and video material.  See for the contents of the CD-ROM.
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