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I should start updating my G+ page. Here's a photo of my new friend Kaycee. Edmonds, WA. FL-W filter and light gelled with plus-green ( somewhere between a half and full cut).

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August 31, 2011
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A problem with scientific journals is that they restrict access to research papers only to people who are willing to pay money to subscribe to them, and who likely don't share interests similar enough to the research topics that they can analyze the ideas as carefully as is needed. People who do science should also try to present their work on the unrestricted web.

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Watching Matthew Jordan Smith talk about his inspirations during his career in glamour and fashion photography. He showed how he stylized models as butterflies, and then I remembered this interesting little bug...

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Somebody must be smoking crack. But I could get very excited about a 36-megapixel sensor and 100% viewfinder coverage, and I assume the firmware for new Nikon bodies will include the awesome zoomable histogram feature of the D3S.

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It seems like each big city has a representative photography industry that distinguishes it from other cities. While Seattle lacks the sexy fashion or music photography bases, for example, it seems to be over-represented by lifestyle photographers. I've been curious about these photographers who are finding success in this kind of work, so I check out their pages whenever I hear or read about them. Roger Paperno's name came up recently in a conversation. It seems his work affords him an ability to live the lifestyle he photographs, which is an exciting benefit. His pages are well worth a look. He is also found on Flickr.

More frustration regarding Google today. Google+ hooked some location information from my wireless service when I uploaded a photo with a post, but the location information is incorrect, and I haven't figured out how to fix it. I entered a correct Google Maps location into the field provided by Picasa for that purpose, but the photo still displays with an incorrect address when viewed using Google+. And to top it off I discovered that Google Maps doesn't provide numerical coordinates in a simple way when viewing maps obtained using street addresses, if it does so at all. Google does cool stuff, but neglects to integrate all that cool stuff in intuitive ways. #WhereIsSteveJobsWhenWeNeedHim

Makeup artists haven't been circling themselves up the way photographers have. I can find hundreds of photographers on Google+ with just a couple clicks, but it's taking me a while to identify makeup artists locally and around the country. I guess makeup artists are mavericks.

Carl Herbert shared a circle with you.

With approximately one minute of effort I accumulated 209 fashion and glamour photographers into a single circle. Circle sharing rocks. Now to look through all their material...

Having used Chrome for a few days now I wonder why I continued to suffer with Firefox for so long. Chrome is a bit more spare than I would prefer, but it sure beats all the janky behavior I've been getting from Firefox lately.
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