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Testimonials for Dr Chris - Minneapolis Chiropractor - September 2012
I began care with Dr. Chris for a lower back issue that had given me trouble on and off over the years, but had recently flared due to beginning a new workout regime.  Dr. Chris took the time to really evaluate me from both a physical perspective and understanding my lower back concerns, but also completed a more holistic evaluation to understand my overall health.  He took the time to share his thoughts on my health, ideas on improvement, and we crafted a plan together.  A few months into our plan, I feel great and have seen improvement in my lower back pain as well as overall health improvement from a quality of life perspective and feel great!  Dr. Chris always takes time to listen to my concerns and is open to finding the right solution for me and not just a cookie-cutter response and definitely doesn't limit his care to what people may perceive as back care.

Jeremy Sanders
Dr. Chris has been instrumental in helping me find truly vibrant health from within! I have layers of issues varying from minor to somewhat major that have appeared over time, and I wouldn't have known how to address them without Dr. Chris's help. He is able to interpret what is happening in my body and address the symptoms at a foundational level, restoring true health in me. He has helped me heal from infection, is helping me repair a torn rotator cuff, and generally stay strong and keep up a fairly active lifestyle. Not to mention the daily dose of humor that accompanies each office visit. Healthcare has never been more fun!

Julie Nielsen
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This is a great way to monitor your overall chemical health.  It won't tell you everything but it affects almost everything so if you do this well you'll have a huge leg up on many people.  

Test your pH levels.  

pH (power of hydrogen) is a measurement of how acidic or alkaline you are.  This is something I start a lot of my practice members on because if you don't have this in balance, nothing else will be as effective.  

Here's what I recommend.  Test your first morning urine and saliva. That means before you drink water, brush your teeth or anything else.

The levels you're hoping to see are 6.5-6.8 in both fluids.  If
either or both are high OR low it means different things.  It's WAY too much to detail here so to keep it simple.  If your urine and saliva (first morning) are both 6.5-6.8 you're golden.  If they are outside that range, I recommend you set up a consultation with me to determine the best course of action for you.  

Remember, if you can balance the pH in your body, almost everything will work better.  We're talking this could help

*energy levels
*hormonal issues
*athletic performance
*focus at work
*and many more

It's worth taking a look at.  If you have questions, just email me at or call 952-224-2909 and ask
for me.

Yours in health,

Dr Chris Frykman

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Minneapolis Chiropractor

A healthy, productive, and joyful life starts at childhood. It is recommended all children receive a chiropractic check-up every 6 months; no different than visiting the dentist semi-annually. At Transforming Chiropractic we check your child''s spine and nervous systems, giving your child the best opportunity to grow healthy, strong, and smart. As an excellent form of preventative maintenance, please have your child scheduled for a check-up.

Client Testimonial ---------
I initially came to Dr Chris Frykman to resolve nagging ankle and achilles tendon pain. I'm an avid runner and wannabe triathlete, and the ankle pain was so limiting that I couldn't run at all and it was also impacting my cycling. Needless to say, this was a major blow to my lifestyle! After a thorough consultation and a very holistic examination, Dr Frykman and I sat down and designed a program that met my needs and propelled me to levels of health I haven't experienced in some time. Not only am I back to running pain free on my favorite trails, but we are continuing to work on healing strategies that improve my body's ability to recover from daily workouts. My care at Transforming Chiropractic has profoundly improved my quality of life for years to come. Thanks Dr Frykman.

Scott Coryell
Saint Paul, MN

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