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Husband. Father. Trainer. In that order.
Husband. Father. Trainer. In that order.

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We have a game group meeting every Wednesday night 7-10pm at GoodGames in the Melbourne, Australia, CBD. Until recently I was running an AD&D1e game, but after a TPK and victory (it's a long story), we decided to play something else, and Paul is running a Classic Traveller game using just the first three books. We have an open game table and anyone can join at any time.

Below is the session summary from this week, fire me an email if you'd like to join in.

Episode 2
In Space, No-One Can Hear You Cliche

Present: Paul (GM), Jon (Hector) and Kyle (Danny)

Reading this works better if you have this playing in the background while you do it.

In last night's adventure, Lt Col Hector (Army, 4 terms) and Danny (Navy gunner and bladesman, 4 terms, never promoted) went back up with some scientists and engineers to salvage Val's split fission drive ship, we had a guy called Roj pilot it.

We flew up and parked our new intact shuttle next to the holed shuttle, and went out to check Val's ship. The bodies of his crew still orbited about the ship's remains. The scientists went to the aft section to check the reactor venting its coolant off into the black. Danny ran a power cable from the aft to the fore section, and tried working on the ship's guns in case any other smugglers showed up. The cable was of course 20cm thick and required Danny to jam it in, and turn it with what would be a clunk if there wasn't a soundless vacuum.

A few hours later the shuttle's proximity alert went off. Hector got on the radio. "Patrol ship, not Navy, burning a hard 4 gees towards us, about thirty minutes away." The scientists and engineers scrambled back aboard the shuttle, and Hector got Roj to put the intact shuttle behind and underneath the drifting dead one, power down and play possum. Meanwhile Danny finished fixing Val's remaining working railgun.

The patrol ship pulled up beside us and hailed Val's ship. Hector got on the radio again, "Yes we're still here, most of the crew dead in an accident, I'm in the aft section working on the reactor."
"We'll be out to help you," said the voice on the radio, and four guys in suits came out, but the patrol ship's three laser turrets turned and targetted the reactor.

Hector now powered up the shuttle, and on Val's ship Danny manually adjusted the sights for the guts of the smuggler ship, and hit the big red button, through his gloves he felt the WHOOMPH and a shudder went down the broken spine of the ship as a twenty kilo pellet flew out of the gun at several kilometres a second. A brief puff of vapour was seen amidships, and a large hole appeared either side, fragments of computer and its shielding drifting out.

Hector had Roj pull the shuttle out from behind the derelict and open up with its lasers against the vaccsuited men who were promptly and silently cooked into carbon, then arced on towards the patrol ship.

Surprised, they now started firing their lasers at the reactor's coolant tanks, venting yet more coolant into space. Hector pulled up starboard the stricken patrol ship, clambered out of the airlock and into the hole made in its side. Danny clambered hand over hand down the power cable to the aft section of Val's ship to try to take control and set the controls for the heart of the sun, as Pink Floyd would say, all the while more puffs of hot vapour appeared with holes in the tanks.

Hector made his way through the ship and found a suited pilot controlling the guns. He came up behind him (or her?), and his body pistol spat out two rounds into the back of their helmet, the pilot slumping forward in zero g. He then looked around the controls and basically flicked all the switches until the guns stopped.

"The reactor's melting down, get out!" cried the scientists to Danny. The venting gases were making the section tumble and spin. In zero g, water has enough surface tension to form balls floating about, at least in an atmosphere. So much for water, but how does molten uranium-235 behave, and in a vacuum? Danny didn't want to find out, so flung himself back up the spinning corridor, wrenched the power cable free to uncouple the broken sections, and jumped from to the next section, slamming into the wall with a manly grunt.

Later all gathered together on the newly-captured ship. A search of its records found that it was indeed a smuggler ship, and had previously been a Navy ship, the Bay Star, captained last by one Bertrand Theo. There was no record of its decommissioning, so it was in all likelihood stolen.

The crew pulled the ship's computer and some sheet metal from Val's ship to make repairs so that the Bay Star would be more or less flight-worthy, and renamed her The Bat Out Of Hell. With more repairs to do on the old shuttle so it could get back to dirtside, in a day or two a new pilot and some other crew (which is to say, back-up characters) would come up. "Set a course for the smuggler's asteroid. Make it so, number one."

In space, no-one can hear you cliche.

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Some photos and vids of the lifting of our five athletes.

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This is very important and should be shared around.

Think of health, performance, and worry less about looks.

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2015.11.16 - 2016.02.07
12 weeks, 34 sessions
Got work sets of 73.5/35/85
As a paramedic, she is now more useful and harder to break.

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3 months' results from +LBFITNESS 

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+Ernest Thai​, do you remember? +LYNDSAY BUCHANAN​ is learning now.

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Silhouette of glory.

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Kyle Schuant commented on a post on Blogger.
I am playtesting these with my group... so far I can say they are brutal, lots more hits from everyone. Makes combat faster!

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