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SJ 31
LC0789 Jill Cohenour Interim study resolution regarding tax increment financing districts

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SB 396
LC1901 Edward Buttrey Generally revise regulation of transportation for hire laws

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HB 642
LC2238 Edith (Edie) McClafferty Revise laws related to school district repayment of protested taxes

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HJ 24
LC2388 Willis Curdy Interim study of transportation infrastructure.

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HB 640
LC2266 Forrest Mandeville Generally revise local government laws

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HB 636
LC1136 Debra Lamm Require legislative approval for acceptance of federal assistance funds

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SB 416
LC0658 John Brenden Provide for statewide infrastructure

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SB 415
LC0470 Pat Connell Create presumptive illness for firefighters

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SB 414
LC1142 Edward Buttrey Create seasonal employer and employee designation for unemployment insurance

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HB 628
LC2444 Randy Brodehl Revise the replacement schedule for regular license plates.
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