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All coin collectors attention!!

Finland has published for it's 100 birthday celebration a coin. Coin describes execution in Finnish civil war 1917. Probably Whites executing Reds during the war somewhere in Finland.

This has caused so much discussion at Finland that it may be that this coin is going to be very limited edition.

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Hubble 27th birthday, tomorrow 26th, April Sun-Mercury-Venus-Moon-Earth-Jupiter (not perfect) alignment.

Two events having nothing to do with each others but there they both are almost together.

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I have new theory why Spanish tomatoes are so bad quality in Finland. It may not be that they are picked up green and brown somehow red during journey to Finland.

My new theory is that all Finnish grocery shops buy the cheapest waist tomatoes Spanish can produce to be able to sell Finnish greenhouse tomatoes in double prize. This would be win-win situation. Spain gets rid of its tomato waist and gets even paid and Finnish shops are able to sell local greenhouse (heated about year around and lighted about half) tomatoes.

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Decided to comment French elections.

Finns think there are two winners and we are worried that the whole political system in France will change. Earthquakes may be noticed in Finland also which would be exceptional.

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The problem EU has. Many countries in EU have big problems in their economy which they have not been able to solve during last decade. Some have not even tried to do anything.

The problem countries in EU have. EU is not able to solve national problems in economy but just try to make environment easier for countries. Actual fixing of economy countries must get ongoing themselves.

The problem both EU and countries in EU have. There is not enough coordination and EU level agreement what are the business areas each country should concentrate on. The old style that each country tries to do everything by itself and compete with other countries inside EU and outside EU does not work very well.

Today only Germany has economy in good shape and that is mainly because they do stuff that people in EU but especially outside EU want to buy.

Each EU country should try to get into same position as Germany today but with different products and services. There is not much sense for EU countries to compete with each other so hard that they cannot deal competition outside EU anymore.
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Spring started in Finland officially in March more than month ago but has not proceeded for several weeks because of cold temperatures and even snow falls.

I will stop reading local news again and maybe it helps.

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Finnish investment banks keep selling their products to pensioners who have no idea what they do. Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority has made some comments and notices to couple of investment banks and require them all to get signature from all their customers to some paper where customer says he understands what he is doing.

Unfortunately these actions have had no noticeable influence.

This article is about 80 years old man who had 47 000 Europe investment until Finnish investment marketing bank (these have no products of their own but just sell products from true investment banks) somehow convince him to move all investments to their products.

Unfortunately they sold him highest​ risk 5 year structured investments and within 5 years moved money between 19 different ones creating huge losses.

Original 47 000 euros investment was reduced to 12 500 euros. Customer cashed himself 5 600 euros and 11 200 were used to pay maintenance and operation costs of investment marketing bank. Within 5 years losses in investments were then about 18 000 euros + 11 200 euros e.g. almost 30 000 euros.

Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority says they cannot do anything because in this and many other cases investment products are from aboard. These products and all investing operations including paperwork was anyhow done by this one Finnish investment marketing bank who also set the final cost structure to the investments.

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Finnish ex president (that Conan O'Brien look a like) wants Finnish authorities to decide themselves if it is safe to return refugees to certain countries being in war and to where Finnish authorities do not recommend any Finns to travel like Syria, Irak and Afghanistan.

She also wants Finland to increase our current yearly 750 refugee limit a bit.

Dangerously different opinions...

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Page two.

If you have problems with foreigners living in your country the answer never is to kick them all out. Depending on your problems answer is to take temporarily less new foreigners or temporarily more foreigners untill you are friends again with them.

If you have problems with your companies and their products answer never is not to kick them all out (how ever temptating that could be). Depending on your problems answer is to make new products, more same products with better quality or more same products with lower prize.

If you have problems with your politicians answer always is to kick them all out. Depending on your problems you may need to kick out everybody or just those causing most problems. To do some kicking you must know how to vote not for you but for your community.

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If you at public sector at Finland and want to change to private sector OP Group is place to go and you are quarantined to be hired to save Finland.

OP Group did, again, one of its record high financial results. I think year 2015 was one of the all time high and 2016 was better although OP Group does not say it in their statements.

During 2016 there were not much headquarters building ongoing anymore but OP Group started it's hospital and car leasing businesses from scratch​.

Cannot stop wondering their business.
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