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Happy Valentine's Day

People often ask me how I met my boyfriend because we are in a long-distance relationship...

Here's our story

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When I discovered him...
I watched as my sister struggle to get comfortable on the
chair, she was due in a few weeks and I observed her, as we waited for my then
3year old nephew to get his hair cut in the hair salon. As I looked at her I thought about who
would I have children to,...

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Are you trying to gain balance in your life?

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Our Lives are in Constant Motion...
I always feel like I’m on a unicycle, trying to gain a balance in my life; learning and studying what
moves it takes to gain that balance. Yet, it’s the very process of ‘finding’ the balance that consumes
our lives... We as individuals have a diverse
set of...

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Mental Health cannot be overlooked just because it's Christmas. It's an issue even more so at Christmas time.

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Oh Christmas Tree...
Christmas is
always a time of year where a variety of mixed emotions are running high. Trying to save
money to buy presents for all your loved ones and trying to keep on top of bills can cause stress to
creep, including remembering our loved ones who have p...

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Another article I wrote for Mindwise magazine.

Acknowledging your burdens and worries empowers you to live your life on your terms, despite the shadows of your fears.

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A Trail of Glittering Experience
I have been
a lot of snails
about my
garden... And, I, in my tendency to succumb
to the seduction of a silent reverie,
found myself wondering about
snails, their purpose, why they are
the way they are, why a shell? Why
have they their h...

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An article I wrote back in 2013 describing how I was living with my mental health issue since a young child .

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The Green Sofa
At the age of 8 I moved house. I
moved three miles up the road to
another estate. I was leaving my world as I knew it. I was leaving my best friend and my
routine of ‘calling in’ for her so we
could go out in our roller blades or
go on our bikes. This was a...
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