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Max Sobol
I build businesses.
I build businesses.

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RIP Judge Joseph Wapner. Calling out stupidity while you still could.

Rule 1: Show up.
Rule 2: When in doubt, refer to Rule 1.

"And one more thing." ~ #HappyBirthdaySteveJobs

"He can't come to the phone right now because the phones aren't working." #DumbestThingIHeardToday

These "big" announcements from @NASA could use some @KellyannePolls to bypass the snooze button.

When the brand becomes YOU, the industry becomes irrelevant. #startups

"Number 2, never let 'em know your next move." ~ Biggie #startups

Weather, very pleasant. People, not so much.

If wrong hasn't been working for you, give right a shot. #startups

The only way to buy motivation is a wallet full of rejection. #startups
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