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The Website's Gone Squirrelly!
Somewhere in the reformatting of this blog, the thing's gotten out of control. Yes, the colors have changed, and some of the other pages on the blog do not show all their content. Specifically, the "On Writing" page is missing all its videos. While I'm not ...

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We’ve Got This New Year’s Resolution Thing All Wrong
My wife and I just moved cross-country and as we slowly
unpack the last of our things, little pieces of long-forgotten items keep
popping up. Among the most frustrating are those scraps of paper containing notes
I’ve been looking for over the better part of...

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A hypocrite is someone who writes a book about atheism and then prays that it sells. -Woody Allen

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We Are Wired For Story
Validation for your choices in life come in many flavors, but the best flavor is scientific backing. In her TED talk, "Wired for story" , Lisa Cron provided great insight into why we humans can't help ourselves from getting absorbed in a good story. It led ...

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Nanowrimo's right around the corner, and already distractions are setting in. And not the good kind. Today, for instance, I should be refining my plot lines, zeroing in on my characters' voices, and thinking about the long game that'll get me to the end of ...

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May the Fourth Be With You!
Unless you're a Star Wars geek like myself, May 4th probably doesn't have much meaning to you. In fact, it's probably just the day you go out to stock up on barbecue fixings and alcohol in preparation for Cinco de Mayo (tomorrow!). But to those of us who gr...

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I won't pretend it wasn't hard. I lost a good week and a half, almost two to unforeseen circumstances. What that amounted to was a three day run of marathon writing to finish up finally with 807 words over the 50K mark for NaNoWriMo. I'll wait till later be...

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December 1st.
Coffee overflowed onto stove-top from espresso pot. Planned clean-up: Dec. 1st. Dog poop piling up in the backyard. Planned clean-up: Dec. 1st Halloween decorations still on front lawn. Planned pick-up: Dec. 1st Dishes piling up in sink. Planned clean-up: W...

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Nano, 4 days on
Okay, so I'm definitely on the Nano journey. And, yes, I'm on it with a boat load of baggage in tow. But that's okay. I'm still determined to get this thing done and I fully expect to have the banner "NaNoWriMo Winner 2013" splat across this blog come Decem...

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What am I thinking?
What are you thinking? My wife asked me that downstairs as she watched my eyes drift off into Never-Never
Land. I just learned an hour ago the results of Candy’s examinations and
pathologies with the specialists in Louisiana. They’re pretty certain it’s
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