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An essential part of my job in fashion is trend spotting and to analyze the viability of said trend in my home country. Two countries, three cities and I'm seeing a lot of bedazzled short shorts and matching nail art. Will it it catch on amongst my target demographic? Sadly, I think so.
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Not sure my daughter (early 20's) would go for that look ... definitely not the top ... and the bedazzled look says "I made these myself"
+Kip Johnson
my market is comprised of 15- 30 year olds. I'm seeing mutton dressed as lamb and they certainly appear to be loving it O.o
All kind of clothes are nice... Everything depends on the place and the occasion which the person is.
+Travis Hill
I'm in high street fashion not haute couture which is why I have to follow the trends - in business that is. Personal? Fuck the trends.
I'm actually loving army boots but teamed with a ton of feminine accessories and apparel +Steve Berry :)
Don't! I'll be selling this come summer in Africa :)
I'll sell the shorts, the Tweens have to find their own damn bedazzle machines. Let's hope they don't ;)
+Dede Craig I'm still thinking "no" for USA fashion. May be different where you are ... but bedazzle is more a 6-10 year old fashion statement around here (I think) ... all the "girls" had a bedazzler sometime in their childhood
Don't I say I didn't warn you when you're blinded by the dazzle coming soon to a high street near you
+Kip Johnson
"Jennifer Love Hewitt: There's a chapter in there that I think you'll like and it's called vajazzling. After a break up a friend of mine Swarovski crystalled my precious lady and it shined like a disco ball ... women should vajazzle their vajajays."
She's so deep, warms my heart.

Sadly is right...

I'm already seeing it in its worst form already, until now I didn't recognize it as part of a trend.
Elisa T
People said that neon would never be back in.

I suspect that even the naysayers in the fashion world will be brandishing their bedazzled creations just like all the other sheep.
Egads!! Now instead of just stupid one word messages on the ass of girls shorts and sweatpants they are going to start being written in "bedazzles". Horrible. Thankfully men don't have those messages printed on the front of their pants,makes me cringe thinking about what the one word would be there. Although now that I think of it, "Pee-Wee" written on the front of shorts would be f'n hilarious.
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