iApple Unapologetic Love

The chick in me thinks they could've at least considered a redesign on the casing with colour options. Like rose or fuschia or teal. Meanwhile in fappoid land in response to the news that the new Macbook Pro is "the fastest mobile computing tech you can find":

Fandroid: 40% of what Apple sells is the brand and the "I'm better than thou because of the laptop I'm using" self-love, and it is reflected in Mac's prices. A PC with a similar hardware build probably only cost half, but hardcore fanboys would still refuse to even consider it.

MacAwesome: No. Just no. Go troll somewhere else. You know, there is a reason that the PC industry copies Apple so much, especially when it comes to laptops. They do it VERY well. The attitude you claim is the "reason" people buy a Mac is pure troll nonsense.I have never owned any PC or built any PC that gives me the same experience value.
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