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iApple Unapologetic Love

The chick in me thinks they could've at least considered a redesign on the casing with colour options. Like rose or fuschia or teal. Meanwhile in fappoid land in response to the news that the new Macbook Pro is "the fastest mobile computing tech you can find":

Fandroid: 40% of what Apple sells is the brand and the "I'm better than thou because of the laptop I'm using" self-love, and it is reflected in Mac's prices. A PC with a similar hardware build probably only cost half, but hardcore fanboys would still refuse to even consider it.

MacAwesome: No. Just no. Go troll somewhere else. You know, there is a reason that the PC industry copies Apple so much, especially when it comes to laptops. They do it VERY well. The attitude you claim is the "reason" people buy a Mac is pure troll nonsense.I have never owned any PC or built any PC that gives me the same experience value.
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Been using Apple products since the 80s. Don't see any reason to stop now. They tried colors once...
Been an Apple user since the 80's with the purchase of my first Apple IIc and IIe. 
Can't tell if pro Apple post or not...

+Bill Jones, Jr. I hear you on both points. The fragile glass is a killer for me. My screen has cracked twice - the floor came out of nowhere. 
See, I'm an equal opportunity tech fetishist. My desktop is an iMac, my phone and tablet are Android and my wife has a Macbook Pro but uses Blackberry for her phone and tablet.

So there's no bias here.

That said....

My laptop is a Zenbook. Build quality is as good as the MBA, Windows 7 is not the dog that most Mac users think it is, my battery life is better and I paid $300 less than I would have for a similarly specced Macbook Air.

There's simply no reason to pay the Apple premium on an Air class device anymore, regardless of Tim Cook's hyperbolic statement concerning the inability of Ultrabooks to compete.
How does the PC industry copy Apple when Apple is always behind in hardware specs?
Apple is all about control .. that just doesn't sit right with me & a majority of the world's population .. Its the reason why Apple have failed to beat PC & the reason why they will fail to Android in phones & tablet technology .. End of history lesson ..
I like to use the Mac better, and always have, since some of you were wee things. I was given a pc laptop a few months ago after my truly ancient PowerBook was laid to rest, and find my phone more satisfying by comparison, when I can't access the family iMac. The rest of this arguing that people do is wholly irrelevant to me. 
If fandroids hate Apple so much, why do they keep buying computers that copy Apple? 
+Mark Smith I've owned various brands across the years, Dell, IBM, Sony, Siemens (all Windows based and top spec at the time) and my MB is the only one that's lasted 3+ years without crashing, viruses or a decrease in performance. Not to mention its schmexy and if I can afford to splurge for that experience why not? 
+Mark Smith Definitely. I run PCs in my business environment only because the software is not Mac friendly. I've replaced one of them (server spec) twice over the past 24 months. I can't say whether it will make a difference if it's a custom build, but as is it's a frekking nightmare in maintenance and IT support costs to a someone that's not hardware literate.
The designs are beautiful, and if I had an employer buy it for me, I would be very happy :D
Ada M
The appreciation I have for Macs is mostly just positive runoff from +Dede Craig 's valid reasoning, and opinions; and I think for most people they're a wonderful alternative to PCs running a variant of Windows, or Linux.

But for me? I'll give you my 2xGTX580-DX11-PC when you take it from my cold, dead hands...
Ada M
But +Robert Varga , it is exactly because of that control the Macs tend to be easier to support. Less freedom means less entropy, and on a computer that typically means fewer problems. 

And you ARE trolling bro, just a little :)
Ada M
Don't send it to me, give it to charity or something. The only Mac I use is the one work makes me use. I don't like them! That said, I don't deny the logic and reasoning as to why others do.

My reasons for not liking them are good... but they don't scale well to the masses.
Ada M
That doesn't make any sense at all. Windows lets you do everything to it, and that's one of the two major reasons it's so unstable. It's so completely unrelated to MacOS in that regard, that it's ridiculous to make the comparison.

Yes, people who purchase Macbooks to install another distro are silly, but they are also a tiny percentage of the total number of people that purchase Macbooks.

The thing about the freedom, is that most end-users that depend on their laptop for work, or whatever, just want it to work. They don't care if they can't do XYZ, and it wouldn't even occur to them to do it. Hardware failures are one thing, but a corrupted or otherwise screwed-up software environment is usually the biggest problem that they have, and in the VM-like cage that you get on a MacBook, it's really hard to get to that state.

You need to think about the non-technical end-user +Robert Varga . You need to empathize with them, and what they want, and what they need, and they care about. Then... and only then... will you understand why people keep buying these useless things.
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