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You'd swear I've never giffed before
I'm so obsessed with whimsical animation these days. 
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I'm not sure if I would describe that as whimsical....slightly disturbing maybe.
I think I see Rincewind.
Very cool gif.
Looks great!  Love it
You have giffed, be prepared to gif all the things.  hehe
Actually its awesomesauce, hope you had fun making it. :)
I am more of a realist...fantastical images often have an unsettling effect on my psyche. 
+Pam Adger I understand. I'm the same with human sized stuffed toys. 
Jess H
I love this! Hooray!
+Terry McNeil Oh no I didn't make it, I wish - shit now I have to source it don't I?
I've reached a state of almost constant Pratchett. I read his book in between, and sometimes during, reading other books so that I'm just about always taking a trip through one of his stories. I must have read the whole Discworld series three times over by now. 
+Sonny Williamson You read the whole series? I don't think I know anyone that's read it all, very cool. I can't remember all of the ones I've read, but I've been trying to work my way through from the beginning, I'm now on Sourcery. I wish I had a full set, sets inspire me to read faster. This reading thing is an expensive hobby. 
I've read them all; digital books are a wonderful thing.
And good omens.
And the long earth.
And anything else I find out Sir Terry had a hand in (the BBC One adaptations are phenomenal; especially hogfather and going postal).
+Dede Craig King Now you know two people who've read the whole thing.  Except for Snuff, which I have not yet read.
+Terry McNeil I made a sorta promise that I'd try to source images. I'm chewing those words right now. 
The gods of Discworld aren't whimsical - they're perverse.
Loc T
Yes, Sir Terry Pratchett would be proud. 
+Adam Thornton no idea, I have to move every few years and have a weight limit on what I can take with me, so I don't buy anything in dead trees. Kindle all the way.
+Dede Craig King I started in the early nineties when, I think, Soul Music (or possibly Maskerade) was coming out. It didn't take me long to catch up and I've been reading them on release every year since, re-reading I between whenever I felt the urge).

They only get better as they go on too. He was already great at it by Sourcery and he just refines his craft and the universe he created as he goes along. By the time you get to Nightwatch, his mastery is effortless. I re-read I Shall Wear Midnight the other day and it's just so good. Every time I get to the end I just melt. 
+Jared Carlisle You know, I find it not as satisfying to read fiction in ebook format. Non-fiction, not a problem. There's something about a real book you just can't beat. 
+Sonny Williamson I definitely didn't read the ones I did read in order, but have read Nightwatch then Wee Free Men, I think I stopped with Unseen Academicals (sp?), and half read Snuff. Something wasn't gelling, or it was just me. I'll try again in about ten years at this rate.  
some can be hypnotic  and not so.. but they can be fun.. but I found few that are just annoying..
Yeah, some are better than others (pyramids and moving pictures for instance aren't my favourites) but that's hardly surprising with such a prolific output. There's plenty of gold to balance out the duds. I just like the fact that reading his books are comfort-reading to me now. I'll pick one up and read it in a day, like sitting down with a box set of your favourite TV show and blasting through it. He ties things up so neatly and satisfyingly that it's always a fun ride and you're guaranteed a chortle on the way. 
The earliest few are my least favorite. They seem like he hadn't really found his humor, yet. 
I Don't know why but I instantly thought discworld
As animated gifs go, this one has some lineage, at least.
Loc T
+Dede Craig King I assumed you found that GIF maker app he mentioned last week. 
Disc world .. Good times
Rob D.
This is trippy!
I'm sleepy early in the morning seeing this......

Magical whimsical sleep...
It's so pretty!

O.O Oooh floaty space turtle...
It won't on my phone :-(

The other did...
Does anyone else hear the clattering of dice off in the distance? .....
That's just my dice bag..Convention time coming soon :D
+Loc Traine Not yet - I actually forgot thanks for the reminder - will look it up today :)
+Pam Adger fantastical Images... Wink, wink..nudge, nudge

Im in the mood for an "unsettling" myself
Animated hipster gif food shots, will have to wait, +Dede Craig King. The world's not ready yet.
+Ralph Uy Oh no, mine was gonna be Bouncing Boobies In the Key Of Gif. Not mine, friends. What a  shame. 
That is a shame! hurry up gifstory!
Loc T
You caught me... it was just a pair of muttered words I heard on the subway today +Dede Craig King. And I think it's a what, not a who. 
I believe this art originates from a religious belief 
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