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How to look good on webcam
For those that do hangouts I guess, which I don't, (not yet) but soon. A web cam adds fifteen pounds and 50 shades of creepiness? I wish I'd known this.

"To find out how to look more like ourselves (and less like an online predator) over Google video chat and Skype, we ask L.A.-based photographer/director Matthew Rolston for tips. In today’s video, he tells us how to sit, position the camera, and light our face for maximum attractiveness."
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Good tips-lighting makes such a difference
haha.... told me to do everything I didn't do last night :)
I wasn't using my broadcast lights either
keep waiting for someone to invent a mini light system that can clip on a monitor so we can look decent on web cams
I need to buy a lamp..... I have such dim lighting in my home. I hate bright lights. Most of the time I don't even bother to turn the lights on. I light candles instead..... But, if I don't want to look like a creature from beyond the grave, I must invest in better lighting. And more makeup. ;) 
I have to add a little guy liner to make it work.
+Hayo Jongbloed no, that won't work.  Thinking four lights so you have even balance left to right, also some uplighting which makes people look way better than only down or overhead light.  A proper mini tv studio set up.
+Suzanne Catty Wow, do some really go through all that to look good on cam? That is a mini TV studio :)
I usually have a lamp on me and kinda set the place up when I'm on cam, mainly cuz this guy spent too much time in the A/V room in HS.
+Dede Craig have many friends who started talking about this when using iTalk on an iPad.  They said resolution and picture were so big it was disconcerting how bad they looked.  Doing conference calls on skype I also notice how dramatically lighting affects how people look. Although for business maybe it matters less than for personal but then again that depends on your line of work.  Most people make a lot of decisions based on appearance.
I don't go to any trouble at all when I hang out or whatever, except to have enough light from a table lamp or something to make sure I can be seen at all. There's no point getting hung up on superficialities like this. Either people take you as you are or they don't. You don't have any control over that.
+Suzanne Catty Can't disagree with that especially in the corporate realm. I'm exceptionally new to video chats so this is all mind boggling. I've done one hangout and didn't think to check anything wrt lighting, position etc. Very interesting thank you.
+Sheila Nagig But what if it isn't as you are but a fifty times creepier version of yourself? 
From a photography point of view, webcams are the opposite of a good portrait lens.  Webcams tend to be "short" (wide angle) because it gets more in while the most flattering photos come from "long" lenses (because they flatten the nose).
^^Case in point I look like a crack addicted convict in my passport pic. 
At least it's not bath salts... *zing*
+Sheila Nagig Each to her own I guess. I'm in the fashion/image consulting industry so for me it's par for the course. 
Must warn those I've already hung out with that I really am less creepy IRL!!!

oh wait, who am I kidding? I like bein a creepah...
hehehe, I thought we went over that +Dede Craig, I like bein a creepah! And what's creepah-er than an eye? ;-)
+Rory Swan's forehead is always well lit when he is on cam .. we often only see that part of him :D But it is a rather attractive forehead.
but it's all friendly like with rainbow internet sprinkles and glitter! Who doesn't love that?!
+Becky Cox Just look at it for like ten seconds. It's like looking at a word for so long that eventually it begins to look foreign. Y'know. 
eye of horus like perhaps? or more carebear eye of sauron?
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