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I have no more words. 
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Come back soon +Dede King​
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Dede King

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What's new with me?
Fuck you Google Pus, that's what's new. What's also new is that I actively despise this software and UI. I tried five fucking times to post a stupid tiny image with two lines of text, five!, every time I click the 'add image' button, my entire phone freezes. Not just the G+ app, the whole freaking phone just freezes and fades to black before my phone probably thinks "fuck you too G+" and eventually comes back to Apple life. And fuck you for the stupid "what's new with you?" prompt like we're a bunch of recalcitrant tweens that have to be guided to have a thought.

I can't believe I actually logged back in just to post this instead of throwing this phone against the wall because of you. I normally roll my eyes at people who can't handle change and complain about beta, but this is not beta. What the fuck are your engineers doing? Do any of you actually use your own software and do any of you use non Android devices in order to form an unbiased opinion?

Phew. Now that I've taken a much needed deep arse breath and realized that I've just anthropomorphized a company's social media platform, I just want to say, it's because of you we can't have nice things. Do you even KISS? It's not that hard.

Okay I'm still doing it, I just really hate when I'm paying for a service via all my anonymized data that Google uses to include me as a target demographic for Advertisers, and I'm just not getting said service.

A moment of zen if anyone from Google actually cares to listen...
Listen to and communicate with your human Users like your job depends on it.

If you're sick of hearing people complain about G+ and the changes then yeah it's too bad you've read this far. It is what it is. Wherever you go there you are etc etc.

Update to add issues/gripes as I encounter them. IOS 9.2 iPhone 6
Updated after new update
- Phone freezes when adding an image to a post - Fixed
- App intermittently freezes on normal browsing - Fixed
- External links don't always show up in the in-app web browser - Fixed
- After adding a comment, the screen momentarily freezes
- No way to see who plussed your comments, who reshared etc
- No way to see how a post "rippled"
- No way to categorize posts without using a Collection
- Collections automatically show all users following you, even if it's supposed to be hidden in your settings
- Can't see comments on posts when clicking on a link to a post from within a comment - Fixed
- New notifications marked as 'Read'
- No easy way to see trending or relevant posts
- No easy way to meet new people through 'normal conversational' posts that do not exist in a Collection or Community
- No easy way to introduce your circles to new people
- Complete lack of communication on new updates and changes
- The UI is not intuitive
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Dede King

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Don't you compassionate types get it?
Those cute refugee kids with the sad little faces will grow up to be just as useless and evil as these Syrian immigrant descendants. Steve Jobs? The 'first woman to serve on the Florida Supreme Court, and the first woman Chief Justice of that court'? Jerry Seinfeld who? Oh please. Small fry. Two years is not enough to vett those mini jihadists and their surviving guardians who probably have fake documents anyway. Let's just send them right back to the Muslim psychopaths they're running away from. After all, all our countries are safer without them, no one dies from mass killings, like ever, and there are absolutely and irrevocably no extremists already in the gates. 
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+Jessy Tee No :'( I check I'm so sorry I haven't checked mail in so long. Miss you man <3
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Dede King

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I don't get some people
Some of my friends specifically. Why do they complain about their emotionally and/or physically abusive boyfriends/husbands/fuck toys, yet they keep taking them back? It's very much like this brick wall they keep banging their heads against, hoping it will somehow magically transform into Platform 9 3/4.

What irks me more, is that I've been one of those women, where for no blinking reason and sans reason, deceptive emotion trumps logic.

It's not that any of these women aren't smart, have low EQ or in some cases lack self esteem; It's just...I don't know. Love? What a deceptive beast.

So low key vexatious, right?

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... Erryone lives those old-sock flavored snacks

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Dede King

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Change my mind
I'm pretty sure everyone's already heard the news that Lamar Odom needs a kidney transplant following a drug, herbal viagra and sex overdose. Of course it's illegal to buy a kidney in the US, but I'm certain he'll find a willing donor among his or Khloe Kardashian's legion of fans (which I am not, so needless to say it won't be my kidney).

But, in everything I've ever read on this and peripheral topics, I have yet to come across a good enough reason why you shouldn't be able to sell a kidney when you can donate one anonymously or not.

If you have the most rational answer, please enlighten me.

Reward will be my kidney should you ever need one. I'm blood type Oh Positive. Many, many terms and conditions apply.

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That is true but you can make it illegal
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Dede King

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Poll option B
+1 if you agree
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+The Big Bad Honey Badger before that, there were actual militias. Including ones formed to catch runaway slaves.
In war, they turned out to be horrendously inefficient (turns out they were not well-regulated), which is why they were replaced with more organized forces.
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Dede King

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I saw this hashtag on Twitter. It's a sad testament to the banality of my 2015 that all I could think of was:
Trump hates all brown people

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comeback +Dede King :(
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Dede King

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10 Second quiz
Are you a sockpuppet? Do you have sockpuppets? Have you ever sockpuppeted your G+ friends?

Asking for a friend.
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Nope x 3. I am far too busy keeping all my personalities straight in one profile.

I stalk openly.

Did have the other type at age 2. LOVED them. 
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Dede King

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It's been over 30 years.
Aren't you proud to witness the evolution of the socio-political and socio-cultural landscape? Oh. Wait.

If I'm honest, I'm really bored by all the Star Wars posts, chatter and whatnot, so much that I'm perpetuating this insipid cycle. I wonder how many are genuine fans, and how many are just posers who couldn't give a damn but just wanna sit at the cool table.

I didn't hate the original movies, I'm actually a too short fan, but not to the point where I'm wetting myself with excitement for the new release. We have an urban saying here called "stokvel". It's when you like something, let's say a song, but once others start liking it and overplaying it, the song becomes "stokvel" and you sorta lose interest. Star Wars fans have rendered it stokvel for me. Which to some would imply that I'm not a real fan then, to which I'd say 'eff off'.

Perhaps I'm just being a whiny pessimistic asshat especially because I'd totally spazz out if it was a fandom I'm overzealous about, but about this I'll happily wear the ass hat.

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+Lady Deidre HurlsWaterballoonsLikeAPro, it was only disappointing because they didn't consider the ramifications of anything that they had the characters do.
Ignoring that, it was a great film.
Very entertaining despite not making any sense.
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Dede King

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Confirmation Bias Is A Terrible Thing
It's scary how many legitimate news outlets regurgitated this spurious story without researching it, and how many people actually believed it (and still do). Perhaps all Carson's facts do not line up, but with some research, the gist of it does. This is why I'm a staunch believer in bearing "falsifiability" in mind when critically reading absolutely anything. I'm also a fan of the Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis triad in writing pedagogy and believe it should be applied to journalism. It's not that hard.

In other words, journalists, stop being so fucking lazy.

*Just to be clear: I can't stand Carson.
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+Magnus Itland exactly what political affiliation do you think I have, and what political party are you judging based on your misconception of what I have tried to explain to you ?

Humor me.

Addendum: the phrasing of "ordinary working republicans" is a bit of a 'no true Scotsman' fallacy.

If you don't currently have a job are you still a republican ? Considering the Republican Party had openly racist policies that it is openly proud of, what is an "ordinary" republican if not racist ?

For the record: if you politically support an explicitly racist party, then you don't get to hide behind "I'm not a racist, but ..."
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Dede King

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So impressed at how she pwned that Benghazi Committee.
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they're in control of both houses right now, right?
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Dede King

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How pathetic do you have to be to take even an iota of the responsibility for the conception of the Holocaust away from the Nazis? How much hate can you have for a People to invoke the meat space version of Godwin's Law, in the process absolving Hitler of that egregious 'solution' and piss off your own people just to justify a stance?

I'm convinced Bibi's brain is simply an accessory.

Honestly, I wish Israel and Palestine (so to speak) would just take direction from South Africa's road to reconciliation. When will it ever stop? 
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+Julius Mudkips They keep voting him in, so that'd be a yes.
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