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The full poem by Erin Hanson gets my gooses all pimply. Takes me back to my childhood for some reason. Perhaps it's reminiscent of e.e. cummings, one of my favourite romantic poets (besides the insensitive poem he wrote where he speaks of a nigger holding a star in his hand; He claimed it was shining a spotlight on prejudice, but I'm sure there were better ways to do that.)
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Dede King

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Yo. Goodnight. ^.*
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Where you at Dog?
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Dede King

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I’m officially a horrible person - I actually looked at the nudes of some of the hacked celebrities.
Honestly, they have nothing to be ashamed of. Their photographs are a glowing private glorification of their beautiful bodies, their sexuality and their selfie lives in general. But still. As much as I feel they should shake off the shackles of cultural and societal norms associated with body and sexuality shaming, I am appalled that their privacy was invaded in such a despicable way. Those who blame them for taking nudes of themselves in the first place, should ask themselves whether they approve or disapprove of the NSA’s flagrant invasion of privacy. The bullshit fallacy “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” or “don’t take nudes on your cellphone then play victim when your privacy is invaded” does not apply. Whether its nudes, medical records, banking details or your extensive goat porn collection - privacy is privacy and it should matter.
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Dede King

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On Love and Depression
When I glance across my timeline, the posts that attract me are usually the ones shared privately. Those are the ones that give insights into the true mindset of those in my circles. What saddens me is when some of them are tinged with whispers of depression, loneliness or disillusionment with failed relationships. It's not overt, and I could be wrong, but it's what I perceive.

Often my intent is to reach out, to offer some encouraging words, but inevitably I back away. Selfishly, perhaps, lest I find myself entangled in a personal issue that I know I won't have time to be truly committed to. There's nothing worse than someone saying they'll be there for you, when in reality it's not that easy. So instead, I flit past while sending quiet words of hope and love to that person.

I have no idea where this post is going nor why I'm posting it - perhaps it's just to say, "You'll be okay, kid. You are in my thoughts even though I'm too much of a lazy selfish bitch to actually be there for you, here's hoping my thoughts of you are enough."  Now I feel bad :/ Oh this thing called life. Listen to A.A. Milne instead, he had it right.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, friends.
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Goddammit! Necromancer! 
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Dede King

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"Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness, will never see the light." - Bruce Lee
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+Jerome Fried​ chicken, yes you are correct. 
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Dede King

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Tell that to the i-can-cunt-to-murrica-potato parents that had the bright idea to take a 9 year old to a gun range and allow her to wield an Uzi which she then uses to 'accidentally' blow somebody's brains out, because, duh, she's 9. 

V you stand to be corrected - Good ideas are bulletproof.  Dumb ass ones, not so much.
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The auto(erotic) example is/was for everyone playing the anti-gun nonsense with some "boo parents" and "boo restaurant range".

The moral stance must hold for all or the stance becomes immoral.
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Dede King

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On the bright side...
I am with pulse and #EbolaFree.
Just thought I'd let ya know.
Because I'm polite like that.
And also narcissistic. Not a lot. Just a little bit.
Look, a squirrel.

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Dede King

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I wish...
that some Americans would learn that Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, North Korea and similar do not come highly recommended on If you happen to be that stupid American that packs a bible and sunscreen heading for the sunny shores of blow your head off and someone asks your name, I highly suggest you say, "أنا لا أتكلم الإنجليزية" or "내가 영어 를 못하는" or similar. Trust me on this one. 
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Dede King

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That's a lot of people to have in common...this is a normal G+ user. Weird.
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haha OK We all have our secrets! 
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Dede King

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On an article that Joan Rivers is on life support...
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Ah the old gawwwwd gone and done it you should see the shite +JaclynGlenn has to put up with. 
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Dede King

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In Which I Effing Hate Windows
I had to install a Windows software program because the company apparently believes every user on the planet loves EXEs. After confirming that there really is no Mac version, with a sigh I commenced the download and installation on my ex, my PC. But first,  I was forced to install Windows updates, which took a while, I did a full facial in that time, restarted the PC, then realize the installer service is not starting automatically, nor manually, had to reinstall it, didn't work, had to restore from previous working point, realize there's no previous point, had to restore Windows period. Only then could I install the software which then couldn't open, so I had to reinstall it. It finally opens but the PC can't handle the large file and turns the monitor into a Super Meat Boy glitch screen level. Sigh, sigh, fucking sigh. Finally, I turn back to the one who I know truly loves me for me. My Mac. On my Mac it took me just a few clicks and minutes to install Parallels, install the program and open it - with success.

Tell me again how unfortunate I am to be a Macphile? I effing love Apple.
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Dede King

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This Irish chick gives 24 blow jobs to guys in a bar and is filmed doing it. It goes viral. What ensues? Slut shaming. What ensues the ensued? Mansplaining and more slut shaming with a good dose of other politically correct catchphrases and attempts at pithy statements of empowerment. The question that stumps my mind  - when is it okay to call someone a slut? Or should that word just be banned? I think a woman can do whatever she wants, provided it harms none. In this case her personal choices don't affect me at all, so whatever. 

Though, sometimes, just sometimes, I wish we'd dispense with being politically correct and call things for what they are.

In the words of the immortal first chick of ass kicking, "You're a vampire? Oh, I'm sorry. Was that an offensive term? Should I say 'Undead American'?" - Buffy
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A description I love, not my own, "a sultry denizen of a romantic boudoir."

I've got a couple of personalities who all compete for space in my brain. My light side is pretty dominant, but I have a penchant for the dark side. My interests in no particular order:

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