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So sick of seeing white-privilege-blind-racism-apologists in my stream. If your argument against police brutality is, "What do you expect if you poke a bear?" or any other inane logical fallacy, then you probably fall in this category. Frosting a verbal turd with #AllLivesMatter platitudes, does not a rainbow cupcake make.
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You are so freaking write...
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Dede King

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My heart goes out to all the potential victims of the Ashley Madison hack. It must feel like such a betrayal of their trust.
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Hi 😃
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Dede King

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+Kaspars Brodovics
Is the story also about illiteracy?
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Dede King

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On Circles
Why was the circle sharing relegated to the G+raveyard? Does anyone know? I met 90% of the best people in the world through those shares. What a pity.

Also, it's a great day when TELETUBBIES 2 adds you to their circles. So much better than 1. Just think of the possibilities.

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Dede King

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The full poem by Erin Hanson gets my gooses all pimply. Takes me back to my childhood for some reason. Perhaps it's reminiscent of e.e. cummings, one of my favourite romantic poets (besides the insensitive poem he wrote where he speaks of a nigger holding a star in his hand; He claimed it was shining a spotlight on prejudice, but I'm sure there were better ways to do that.)
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Dede King

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Yo. Goodnight. ^.*
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Where you at Dog?
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Dede King

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In a nutshell
The children are our future, teach them well and let them fuck it up royally, because #selfie.
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+Sionyn Jones do you understand that she was happy because she fulfilled her father's dream?
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Dede King

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Dear Donald Trump
About that illegal immigrant thing...
But, I want you to win because watching the world burn is my all time favorite thing, and I dig contrarians whose opinions aren't swayed by donor moolah.
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Dede King

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Those hashtags...
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Fucking Christ +Dede King  : Give Peas a chance ! 
( Half of you you thinking it, and just didnt have the bravery to say it ) 
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Dede King

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A couple of years ago, I took a really strong sleeping pill. The thing is you’re actually supposed to go to bed. I didn’t, which totally fucked with my mind to the point that I was outside of myself. This led to me sending the craziest G+ messages to someone I was flirting with.

At that point, we were at the ‘just friends’ stage. He knew he wasn’t in the friend zone, but he didn’t know I wanted to put him in the V zone and then some. By some miracle I realized what I was doing, and he hadn’t yet read the messages so I deleted it.

I went to bed and four hours later I jumped up in a panic remembering the messages, but not sure whether I deleted them or dreamt that I deleted them. Fortunately I did. And he never knew. Or he did and just pretended not to. Either way, I was never as grateful for the delete button as I was then. 

Then there are the ones where I was on the receiving end.  I’d read something someone sent on G+ in an email notification with text included, or the person’s email recall failed. The person would think I hadn’t read it and I’d pretend I didn’t just to save them the embarrassment, but I still suffered from secondary shame...I could always tell they were sussing me out to see whether I’d read it or not, which made me feel worse. But in the bigger scheme of things their primary shame was probably worse than mine.

The new Gmail Email Undo Send option must be a god send to the impulsive types. Now if only they’d come up with an undo button for the mouth.
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so when is the hang out i need to know so i can hide thing out of plain sight :P
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Dede King

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On The N-Word, Stars And Bars
So the POTUS used a painful racial slur to illustrate a point. Some think it should never be used, ever again; That it be relegated to the same museum as the Confederate flag. I’m not sure some of the offended realize that any taboo word can be used objectively, with the literary, artistic or rhetorical intent to bolster an opinion. 

In my country, the word “kaffir” holds just as much racial offense as “nigger”, with just as much pain and power as a slur or obscenity. But, I can use it in the context of this paragraph and not have the entire African continent baying for my blood. 

‘Kaffir’ is an Arabic word meaning ‘non-believer', with etymological roots in the Arabic owned African slave trade. As a person of mixed race with actual Malay-African slaves as ancestors, I’m not offended by anyone’s use of it. 

Provided it’s used objectively, and not stuck on a freaking pole, waving willy nilly in the Southern cross wind, serving not a noble intent, but an egregious one symbolic of subjugation, racial segregation, murder and slavery. 

Yet, even if I was a hood loving white supremacist piece of shit - freedom of speech would allow me to say  ‘all day nigger’ and fly a version of the Confederate Battle flag outside my home. But, there’d be nothing objective nor well-intentioned about it. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to do it, but common sense, decency and a thorough history lesson would tell me I’d probably be better at humaning if I didn’t. I shouldn’t, because it’s just downright mean. 

There’s no dissonance in these views. Intent, context, motivation, it makes all the difference.

Also: Dat ruby rose doe. Female sexual plasticity is a thing. wet ijs
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Dede King

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On the bright side...
I am with pulse and #EbolaFree.
Just thought I'd let ya know.
Because I'm polite like that.
And also narcissistic. Not a lot. Just a little bit.
Look, a squirrel.

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A description I love, not my own, "a sultry denizen of a romantic boudoir."

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