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When You Meet a Lesbian: Hints for the Heterosexual Women
Circa 1988 UW-Madison Women's Studies 103 Handout.

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1988 - things were so much easier back then!  Saw a good post on here the other day ... Picture a baby with a confused look, "My mother's a lesbian?  Which one?"  HA
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Dede King

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A Poll
I'm curious to know how many agree more with Putin than the West regarding Crimea. If you're so inclined, please answer the poll:

A: I agree more with Putin
B: I agree more with the West
C: No comment. I'm afraid my vote might later be used against me
E. The aliens did it and I'm offended by this post

Some refs for the type A personalities:

(Update: Google blocked the image.)
"The artist, Vera Donskaya-Khilko explained some of the controversial imagery contained within the painting. "Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are in a significant fight," she described. Putin is positioned next to a gas mask and fuel container, referencing his country's natural resources, wearing a traditional bearskin hat and fox tails. Obama is painted in front of a small Statue of Liberty and a staff of dollar bills with liberty bells hanging below his waist.

According to Donskaya-Khilko, the multi-colored dragons represent the Chinese people."

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Russian militarism should have stopped at "Cry me a river" (IE. Crimea River. That is the river marking the old Russia/Ukraine border. Is there a Crimea River? I should google it. Oh well)
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To the deaf community of the world
On behalf of my entire country, I offer my sincerest apologies.

(In case you're living in a cave, the sign language interpreter at Mandela's memorial was a fraud. I'd love to know what he was signing when Obama spoke.)

What a fucktard squared.
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+jodi laursen
What what? Whom died in June? scratch blink blink
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Dede King

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Google Plus mobile notifications has a sense of humour. Love it. (Googol geeks will get it.) Anyway whether you care or not, I'm away for a bit on winter vac with limited access. Be back later. Miss you much.

Happy 4th of July my American friends <3

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I am thanks +Sionyn Jones :) You're a gem you know.
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Dede King

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Happy Birthday Beta Babies and G+ Circle
I know some of you longer than some relationships I've had >.> I've only been on here since November 2011, will thus just watch you have your cake and eat it too. It's been fun hasn't it? :)

Ohai NSA and GCHQ - just so you know I'm the foreigner some of these Americans and Europeans have been engaging with. Not a terrorist I swear.

This is an excellent starter circle btw.

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Dang they do some good work! Let's go help her.
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Say it with me now
I am a survival machine for genes.

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Hi Dede
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Dede King

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When link clicks happen to good people
I read the Reuters news headline, "Britain to import Russian gas under 2012 deal as tensions mount," I wonder what Merkel had to say about that?
...then I clicked my way through dozens of articles on exactly how much the UK (never mind the EU) is dependent on Russian gas imports
...then cross referenced that to how long it would take the US to meet the demands at the current Russian levels of supply which incidentally is 'years' and the immortal words of Rihanna, "Cameron, what now?"
...only to read that regardless of what may come, my country supports Russia. Isn't that just dandy?

In other words, eventually this faecal storm is going to affect us all. I can tell.


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More than 40% of all German Gas comes from Russia.. money has be exchanging hands in large amounts and this whole thing in many ways a farce and to save face. 
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Dede King

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Kimchi dreams and K-pop soda, waltzing through the rainbow of daebak delight. 
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saving a spot till I google this
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Dede King

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Spot The Differences
The National Reconnaissance Office's new spy satellite logo vs an image used in "Know Your Communist Enemy" in "Our Freedom Documents", Robert B Watts, The Supreme Council Washington.

Did the logo designer know?

PS. The NROs budget is $10 billion a year btw. (Allegedly) Who can tell me what they actually do for all your tax dollars?

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On the Effectiveness of Aluminium Foil Helmets: An Empirical Study
Duplicated. The original file is gone from MIT and Berkley websites, but is faithfully reproduced here.
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Dede King

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Why do men choose to become gynecologists?
I'm not being sexist, I'm just wondering. Well I started wondering after I went for a pap smear (which was a bit like someone sticking an iced steel contraption into your penis' pee-hole, opening it as wide as it can go, then scraping the inside of your penis head. Yes, something like that) and it was absolutely fucking horrible. Why don't you just grate my cervix while you're at it, it could be smoother. 

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Ek mis jou :(  +Dede King 
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A description I love, not my own, "a sultry denizen of a romantic boudoir."

I've got a couple of personalities who all compete for space in my brain. My light side is pretty dominant, but I have a penchant for the dark side. My interests in no particular order:

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