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Reading for Education or Entertainment? A Brief Review of Disney's Live-Action Beauty and the Beast
Theatrical poster for the film. While Disney's Beauty and the Beast is sure to hit every nostalgic bone in my body, I have decided to delay seeing it until it comes out on DVD. This is partly because of how Cinderella turned out, but also because--from what...

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Bad Idea: Firefly May Be "Revisited"
David Madden, President of Entertainment, FOX TV, recently
stated that he would “be open to a Firefly reboot if Joss Whedon himself wanted to revisit it.” This statement has sparked
eager discussion among fans hopeful for the return of the cult-classic. Sum...

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Disillusionment and Faith: The Raven's Shadow Series
Front cover After reading-and loving- The Waking Fire  (2016)   by Anthony Ryan, I sought out his Raven's Shadow Series . Blood Song (2011), the first novel, captured me with its story of intrigue and betrayal. Ryan skilfully crafts driving fight scenes i...

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The Dragon Round: A Brief Review
The first thing I noticed when I began reading  The Dragon Round (2016) by Stephen S. Power was that it is written in the present tense. The description on the back of the cover is in past tense, as is the inside flap of the cover jacket, but the story itse...

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BBC's Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Review
Season 4 photo Spoiler Alert! When did a show about the world’s most famous detective become more about his personal life than his cases? Sherlock Holmes has been a phenomena for so long and inspired countless adaptations and rip-offs because of his amazing...

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Read More in 2017
Bell on her TBR pile Four days after New Years' and many of us have already given up on our resolutions. So, here is a better resolution to make this year! Deciding to read more in 2017 is not like other New Year’s
resolutions. It isn’t a chore or difficult...

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2016 Year In Review
The Aeronaut's Windlass by Jim Butcher (Jan. 2016) Steampunk by one of my favorite authors! See my full review here ! The Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Werde (Jan. 2016) An old favorite from my bookshelf. See my full review here ! The Queen of the...

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Top 10 Christmas Books from My Childhood
Every December my mom brings half-a-dozen bins of Christmas decorations up from the basement. Cracking open the first lid releases the warm, spicy scent of seasonal candles and a wave a memories. Inside are everything from wreaths to pillowcases. The box I ...

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Fantastic Beasts: Unresolved Themes
Theatrical Poster Fantastic Beasts and
Where to Find Them is one part light-hearted animal antics and one part
wizarding Acura . I thoroughly enjoyed
it, but the dark tone of the movie took me by surprise. Despite the PG-13
rating, I was expecting a kids mo...

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Literary Pumpkins!
Hello all! I was googling around, looking for some good Halloween pumpkin carving ideas, and I wanted to share with you my favorite literary pumpkins. Enjoy! 1. Classics Source Source Frankenstein's Monster from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818) and Dracul...
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