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How to enable YouTube's new transparent player
1. In Chrome, you will need to install EditThisCookie extension.
Link :-
2. Next, head to YouTube and click the cookie button that EditThisCookie placed next to Chrome's URL bar.
3. Scroll down and find the line for VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE and click on it to expand it. In the box for value, replace what's there with Q06SngRDTGA and then click the big green checkmark at the bottom to save your changes.
4. Refresh YouTube and you'll see the new design. The bar with playback controls is transparent, and it disappears when you move your cursor off of the video player. It quickly reappears when you move your cursor back to the video player. It also remains visible when a video is paused.
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Everyone wants a happy life without difficulties or suffering. We create many of the problems we face. No one intentionally creates problems, but we tend to be slaves to powerful emotions like anger, hatred and attachment that are based on misconceived projections about people and things. We need to find ways of reducing these emotions by eliminating the ignorance that underlies them and applying opposing forces.
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This is a great thought.
I'm gonna tell you guys a secret about chasing your dreams.

It's not the cliche crap, about never giving up, or overcoming adversity. You know all that. If you relate following a goal to The Odyssey, everybody knows about all the monsters you have to slay, battles you have to win, cyclopses you have to outwit, and all that.

But what no one tells you is the the adversity is not the hardest part to overcome. The hardest part is comfort. To return to our The Odyssey metaphor, the hardest part of his journey had to have been the land of the Lotus Eaters.

There were no six-headed monsters on that island, no sirens, no angry deities. There were just some nice dudes offering some fruit that made Odysseus and his men feel awesome. They offered a home, they offered rest, they offered community. This wasn't exactly Odysseus' goal, but it was another version of it. The men could have stopped their quest RIGHT then and there, adjusted their goal to find A home instead of THEIR home, and been done. No more cannibals, no more witch-goddesses, no more being turned into pigs. But Odysseus didn't stop there. He wanted HIS home. He wanted HIS family. He knew that if he stayed one second longer, it could jeopardize his chance to ever accomplish his real goal. He left, knowing that he was giving up his safety net, and possibly risking everything.

I've had this experience twice.

In 2007, I was living in India, working as a trainer for Citibank. It had taken a couple of years of adversity to get to where I was… but at that point I was being paid INCREDIBLY well for doing, well, next to nothing. I was there because it looked good on paper to say they had an American trainer on staff, but in reality their employees has no time to attend training. I made $5000 a month, was provided with an apartment, a maid, a personal driver, and spent most of my workday watching DVDs in the library. It was a very comfortable place to be.

But my goal has always been to have adventures and make my own art. This wasn't exactly my dream, but it was another version of it. I was having adventures a'plenty, and I was making some art, but my job involved spending my nights in a call center (that I couldn't bring paper in or out of) and my days to exhausted to draw. I made very little art. My graphic novel had been on hiatus for six months. I even lost some big opportunities…. a publisher wanted to run my comic Aki Alliance right alongside Diary of a Wimpy Kid right before Wimpy Kid became as huge as it did, but I lost the gig because of my long hiatus.

It was terrifying to step away from that oh-so-comfortable safety net. Everyone told me I was living the dream, but I knew I couldn't sit doing nothing forever. Even though I'd only been paid to make a comic a few times, and had no idea how to make a living at it, I knew I had to try. If I took this step, it was going to be back to fighting monsters. I didn't want comfort, I wanted to follow my dream. I quit.

I started something called Cartoon Commune. I did custom comics at a flat rate. Boyfriends as superheroes, how-we-met comics for weddings, promotional comics for trade shows…. and just like Odysseus, I was right back into adversity. All nighters. Customers that never paid me. A whole year where I was so broke I had to live on the floor of a broom closet of a friend's art school and shower at the community gym.

But all that perseverance paid off. Cartoon Commune became a very successful endeavor. It allowed me to travel the world and make a decent living off of comics. Not nearly as much as I made in India, but enough to have an amazing life.

Everyone told me I was living the dream. Well, a dream. But only a version of my dream. I've been having adventures and making art, but not MY art. I have a folder on my hard drive with thousands of pages of comics. Comics for brides, grooms, boyfriends, girlfriends, CEOs, rock stars, famous people I can't name because of nondisclosure agreements. But none of them are for me. They're not my comics.

I've taken time off to draw some of my own books, having to choose the simpler-to-draw scripts so that I can get them done in between Cartoon Commune commitments, and every time it has been an amazingly rewarding experience.

Recently, I got to the point, where I knew it was time to take the big, scary, next step.

I quit the Cartoon Commune. I passed it on to its new manager, Chad Thomas, and lost my safety net. As of 12 hours ago, when I drew the last line on my last Cartoon Commune comic, I'm done. I'm now not just a full-time cartoonist, I'm going to make my OWN comics full time. Once again, I don't entirely know how to do that. I've had success recently selling creator-owned comics, but I realize that it was a group effort and my contributions weren't necessarily the most popular part of the package. I have no idea how people will respond when I launch projects of my own.

There will be adversity. There will be battles to fight, and monsters to slay. As a recently married man, those battles have higher stakes than ever. But I am ready.

I'm gonna go make some stuff.

I hope you like it.
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Absolutely true.
Do not let it spoil your Saturday, but think about it please;
Even if it'll spoil your whole weekend and bother you for years;
Read GOOD books, think for yourself, think without the box;
Isaac Asimov hit the nail on the head; 

#quoteoftheday   #civilization   #antiintellectualism   #thatsrightisaidit    #culture    #saturdayinspiration   #isaacasimov   #changetheworld   #rationality    
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Imagine working for a company with approx 635 employees
29 have been accused of spouse abuse
7 have been arrested for fraud
9 have been accused of writing bad cheques
17 have directly or indirectly bankrupt at least 2 businesses
3 have done time for assault
71 can not get a credit card due to bad credit
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges
8 have been arrested for shop lifting
21 are currently defendants in lawsuits
84 have been arrested for drink driving in the last year
And collectivity, this year alone they have cost the tax payer £92,993,748.00 in expenses (nearly 93 million)

Welcome my friends to the House of Commons!
These are the people responsible for 100's of new laws each year to keep the rest of us in check!

Oh and by the way, the also have probably have the best 'corporate' pension scheme in the country, while trying to ensure that the rest of us has the worst!

Here lies the problem, its at the top, not the bottom as they are brainwashing the nation to believe.
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Dr. Dolittle would have made a hell of a living!
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From now on, I commute to work via Ferry boat from San Francisco to Tiburon.

Life is good!
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