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Jeff Brenneman
Somebody Else's Problem.
Somebody Else's Problem.

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A Brief Look at Phrasing Descriptions of Functions
During a lesson this morning, students were asked to describe this function rule in their own words: One student came up with this: We had a brief group discussion about whether this phrase made sense or not. One student said that they might interpret this ...

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First Day: Gathering Students' Impressions of Math
If there's one thing about teaching I'm not very great at (and there are many such things), it's the first day of school. I always struggle with it. I find myself so busy preparing for the year at large, or getting my classroom ready, or whatever else is de...

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Leaving It All On The Field
As far as the school year goes, winter break is halftime. I'm exhausted. I feel like I'm going into the locker room having left it all on the field. After what felt like 12,383,908,786,358,213 years (give or take a few), the long wait for winter break is fi...

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Twosday Things: Ingenious Responses. Also Fish.
Time again for Twosday Things! Thing #1: The other day, I stepped out of my classroom for a moment. When I came back, one of my students had drawn this on the board: I took one look and figured, "what the hell, I'll tweet it." So I did: One reply stated tha...

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Twosday Things: Solution Methods and Student Initiative
It's Tuesday, which means it's once again time for Twosday Things! In my dauntless endeavor to blog regularly, I am continuing to write about two (big or small, mostly small) things that happened in my teaching world over the previous week. This makes the t...

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Twosday Things: Hearts, Stars, Messy Numbers
Time again for Twosday Things! Taking a cue from last Tuesday's post , I'll discuss two teaching-related things (however big or small) that happened over the past week. I'm trying to post about two things every Tuesday throughout the school year (hence the ...

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For Posterity: An Awesome Teaching Day
There are about 180 days in a school year. Multiply that by the number of years you've been teaching. That's a crap-ton of days. Many of them are good, or just okay. Many of them leave you wondering whether or not you're any good at teaching at all. A few o...
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