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Today I just was asked, why my company started with Delphi, 6 years ago instead of using C#. I just answared, that Delphi was the better choise at this time (maintenace, deployment, ...).
But now a days, it's hard to argue, that a company should start with Delphi (for windows development), since the cost of Delphi is pretty high in contrast to VS C#.
Question: Would you invest in Delphi for a new project, if you had to buy a license first (for windows development)? And why?

New User:
VS Prof: € 636,-
Delphi Prof: € 1.939,20

Does anybody know, how I can kill a TThread, immediately?
I have a watchdog thread, which checks if a DB connection is still alive.  If not, it tries to reconnect. Reconnecting takes some time, if the server is not reachable. So, when the user decides to close the application, and the thread just tries to reconnect (3rd party operation), the user cannot close the application, since a thread is still active.

I want to create a RESTful web service and want to use https. I am very new to this topic. So my question is, how can I create a test (developer) certificate to test https calls in my developer environment?

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Für alle die noch nicht wissen was TRAFIKBUCH ist :)

Is it somehow possible to assign an static array to an dynamic array, without copying the whole values? I just want to use the address of the static array to get it's value from some other routines. For performance reasons.

fStringArray: array of string;
const STATIC_ARRAY: array[0..1] of string = ('s1', 's2');
procedure MyClass.SetArray(aStringArray: array of string);
  fStringArray := aStringArray;  //Error: Incomatiple types

Does anyone know, how do create a GUID in Delphi XE, when the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G is not working? I use the Visual Studio keymapping and have CnPack installed.

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Wussten Sie, das Felder die ein "Griff-Symbol" haben, in ihrer Größe verändert werden können? Siehe Bild.

Bewegen Sie den Maus-Cursor einfach über das "Griff-Symbol" und er verändert sich. Dadurch merken Sie, dass man hier die Größe ändern kann. Einfach linke Maustaste gedrückt halten und in die gewünschte Richtig ziehen.

Is there an offical place where I can post some feature requests?
I asked that question already on the offical site, but nobody wanted to answer. By the way, that site is very slow and strange. When I submit a post, I get always the questions: "Do you want to leave that page" or "stay on page" (german translation, firefox). Very bad user experiance!

My feature requests:
* Bring back the modal Search dialog. Please!!!!
* Bring back the modal IDE Insight dialog. Please!!! The old dialog coulded be configured and it was much easier to use. If you have a big monitor it hurts my eyes when all the time I have to focus the right upper corner!!!! The same with the search dialog!!!!
* Possibility to disable the Castalia features. Hey, they are not working properly and CnPack has the same features but much more efficiently!!!

I realy felt angry, when I had to use that productivity reductions!

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Kennen Sie bereits die wichtigsten Tastenkürzel für eine effektive Eingabe?
Sie finden die Tastenkürzel auch in unserer Programmhilfe: Tastenbelegung

Today I just found out, how I can use a mobile style on windows platform for testing.
Here are the steps:
1. Open the style designer (add a StyleBook to the form and double click).
2. Load the mobile style you want to use. Located in the public Style folder. It end's with *.fsf
3. Save it to a location you prefer. (Now the file extension *.style)
4. Open the style in a text editor.
5. Search for the object TStyleDescription and delete the whole section.
6. In your project file (*.dpr) add the unit FMX.Style and at the first code line TStyleManager.SetStyleFromFile(<your style>).

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