An eloquent example of the balance a biosphere achieves as itevolves. No doubt this has been playing out over millions is years, and we are only recently looking closely enough to become aware of it.

Fantastic how life will reshape itself anew to take advantage of an opprotunity, and how finely attuned to it's habitat as a result of environmental pressures.
The tenacity of life to evolve and fill every niche of a biosphere. Look at the diversity of life-forms found in every environment, from the tops of mountains to the depths of the oceans. From photosynthesis to chemosynthesis - anywhere the possibility exists, you will find life adapted to, and engaged in the common struggle that we all dance to... survival.

Given the temperature range for liquid water to exist, life will emerge and shape itself as required to flourish.
Obviously, the question becomes not whether life exists elsewhere - only, how long before we encounter it.

Thanks to +rasha kamel for the share.
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