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Jay Shapiro
Serial Entrepreneur, Internet Pioneer, Global Adventurer, Philanthropist and All-around nice guy.
Serial Entrepreneur, Internet Pioneer, Global Adventurer, Philanthropist and All-around nice guy.

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Great coverage of Infinite Monkeys today on Sprout Social Insights...

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The kids wait 10 months for their chance to come back to the cottage. Now that we are here they are making the very most of summer with 8 activities a day, and then literally collapsing into their bed each night. 

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Last Month we took the +Local Motors Rally Fighter to the Overland Expo in Flagstaff, Arizona. Special Thanks to Chris Marzonie  and +Julian Gothard for the great pics!
Rally Fighter - Overland Expo 2012
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I just knocked +Leo Laporte out of being king on my Google Lattitude. Admittedly it's 1am on Sunday, so he has 6.9 days to kick my butt and take it back...

I haven't "played" foursquare since I got bored of it months ago, but Latitude just does it "right", and i could see myself starting to auto)check-in again...

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I decided today not to renew my Last.FM subscription for another year, here's why...
Dear Last.FM,
I used to love you. I've been a subscriber for years, but in 3 days my subscription will expire, and this year I'm not renewing. You asked (in your email), so here's why...

1) Last.FM restricts playback on my Logitech Squeezebox and GoogleTV devices to only play on a single device, so I can't listen to you in my whole house. That's how I listen to most of my music these days, so more and more I'm finding that it's not Last.FM I'm choosing, even though you're on my home menu.

2) I have two little kids, and every once in a while I play them kids music. Sometimes we have friends over dinner and I put on a few hours of lounge trip-hoppy jazz. Unfortunately those were scrobbled, and now my entire Last.FM recommendations and stations have become corrupted, filled with cheesy lounge music, christmas carols and kids music. I have not been able to find anyway to repair it short of ditching 3 years of careful Last.FM grooming and starting all over.

3) Google Music. They weren't around before, but frankly now, they've got you beat. I've got 16,000 tracks in GMusic, it plays seemlessly on all my devices, never any ads, all my music, and unlimited playlists or random shuffles. Last.FM scrobbles the music I play, but I never understood why you don't scan my drives to see ALL the music I own and play some of the stuff in my library that hasn't been scrobbled. With Google Music I pick a genre, do a shuffle and it's got everything. And there's still a like/dislike function for controlling frequency.

So... I'm sorry www.Last.FM - You had such great potential:
- The social aspects
- The live tours calendars
- The Last.FM Artist Bio information (which now appears in my GMusic)

Good luck in the future. I really hope you make it.



The EcoRoamer (and us!) are going to be on TV tonight at 9pm on Discovery's Travel Channel. They interviewed us for their special: "Killer RV Upgrades".

It turned out really well, and if you want a sneak peak, you can watch it online, here:

Jay + Alice + Kurt + Maya Papaya

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Great coverage today from from +TheAppPlanet - Infinite Monkeys: An App Builder for the Rest of Us -
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