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So, where's the rant about ?

All that dead code will finally rest in peace ;)

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This cartoon seems apropos today. And for a few more thoughts on #barbiegate , I've just posted a very serious meditation on +Medium:

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Please don't hurt the @. While function composition (f @ g) maybe isn't that popular, but it's consistent with the current use of @ in the language. Operator meaning shouldn't depend on context that much unless Python 3 wants to become the true Perl 6.

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WTF?! Seriously?

There's a ton of way this could be integrated into other Google Products, but instead of actually making something better, they shut it down?

Google Reader is going down. Download your subscriptions before it's too late.

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First Impression: awesome!
Second impression: "Wow! The lexer and parser aren't auto-generated." 
Third impression: "... and they have no unit tests... :(("

From Python Insider:

"Christian Heimes announces the release of his defusedxml package to address XML-related security issues which were reported to over the last several months. Throughout the development of the patches, the security team has coordinated with other open source projects in order to make this announcement at 1500 UTC on Tuesday February 19."

Looks like someone pressed the button a bit too early and RSS is not very forgiving ;) Anyway, this is a much needed addition to the Python eco-system.

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People complain that WebKit will doom us all, because there are 5yo simple bugs no one fixes and JS frameworks have to work around them. 

This just in: EVERY widely used opensource project I've seen has those kind of bugs. Here is a PITA of the day for me: (:s/Composer/User/).

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Q: "I have this image with HTML in it. How do scrape the question out of it with regular expressions?"

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The people who need to hear this aren't listening: Every time you say, 'rockstar/ninja' to a developer, the developer dies a little inside.

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