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Please direct me to more musicians on G+... ^_^
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Who is already on your list? Are you looking for people known off gplus or people making a name for themselves on?
+Bearman Cartoons People making a name for themselves or just people on G+ that share their own music for the fun of it even.
Anybody that is a little less known? I did not have Heather circled but I added her and I apparently added Rob for other reasons but I"m happy to add him to my music circle :)
I am in the fresh stages of learning some covers on the keyboard and creating some original music, so I'm looking for an audience and some fellow musicians that I know will be interested to at least give me one listen and see if they like it cause most of the time if I post videos, 90% of my followers ignore them. So I'm looking for some plussers that like that kind of stuff and do it themselves.
Well lesser known would be me but I limit sharing my singing talents only to my wife..haha
There are SO many photographers and photographer lovers on here but's kind of hard to come across people who will watch youtube videos...most of them tell me they just don't like watching videos or they only get on G+ at work and they are blocked and stuff. It's making it difficult to make musical friends.
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