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MongoDB for the MongoNewbie

Well, it seems the overwhelming majority of us to date are in the same boat — what I call mongo-curious :)

So I'd like to ask... would it be a safe assumption that the focus of our first meetup should be basics? Examples of topics might be:

* why MongoDB? why is its popularity exploding?
* (very) basic differences between MongoDB and relational databases
* how to get started playing with MongoDB
* resources

Your input is appreciated!

— John
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A general/beginner topic to start is a good idea, but I'd also allocate some time for a discussion where members can suggest ideas they'd like to hear and/or present on. It would also be nice to hear your vision for the group: what are its goals, what type of members are you looking for, frequency of meetings, format, and so on.

Thanks! Looking forward to it.
Agreed!  I don't want to make the assumption that this is the only topic of interest.  I'd love to get a discussion of other topics rolling here on G+, if anyone would like to chime in.

Great suggestion on a discussion of the road map of this MUG's future.  Definitely planning on that.  Again, I don't want to make any assumptions that what I want is what the members will want.  So I'd like to lay it out the vision and get feedback.  I'm also supposed to be having a call with 10gen this week that may offer some direction.

Thanks, Joel!  Your experience in this user group stuff is much appreciated.
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