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Justin Bariso
Happy husband. Proud dad. Inspired teacher. Lifelong learner.
Happy husband. Proud dad. Inspired teacher. Lifelong learner.
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Put yourself in Ms. Couric's shoes for a moment: How would you react to someone you've never met, calling you out for what they felt was a failure on your part? How would you handle the implication that your silence equals tacit approval of such horrifying behavior? Most importantly, how would you react?

Couric's response exhibited class, self-respect, and extraordinary emotional intelligence, demonstrating that a proper response can calm others down and make the best of a difficult situation.

#EmotionalIntelligence #EI #EQ #MakeEmotionsWorkForYouNotAgainstYou

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The image seems to have resonated with many--because it's a reminder of the millions of mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and colleagues who have dealt with, and continue to deal with, this physically and emotionally devastating experience.

But it's also a symbol, summed up in a single, powerful statement: When it comes to the trauma experienced by victims, there isn't just one "right" way to handle it.

(Today's column: Thurs.Dec 7.2017)

#TimePOY #MeToo #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ #MakeEmotionsWorkForYouNotAgainstYou

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The subject of sexual harassment can rightfully inspire strong emotions. But if allowed to run wild, those emotions can also cause major damage--if you rush to judgment before learning the facts.

Sandberg provides a framework that can help organizations combat this pandemic in a balanced and practical way--while working to protect the victim.

(Today's column: Mon.Dec 4.2017)

#leadership #management #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ #MakeEmotionsWorkForYouNotAgainstYou

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To keep Manning's "games started" streak alive, Giants coach Ben MacAdoo offered him the chance to continue playing the first half of games, before being taken out for the other quarterbacks. So, what would Manning do?

Go off on a rant to the media? Point out who or what is really to blame for his team's abysmal record? Throw someone under the bus?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you don't know Eli Manning.

(Today's column: Thurs.Oct 30.2017)

#NYGiants #EliManning #leadership #management #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ #growth

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You're faced with choices about your work on a daily basis. Should I join this meeting? Do I really want to take on this client or project? Should I focus on this task at the expense of that one?

You must learn to say no. Then, instead of trying to do it can learn to do it RIGHT.

Because every time you say yes to something you don't really want, you're actually saying no to the things you do.

(Today's column: Mon.Nov 27.2017)

#leadership #management #focus #Apple #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ #MakeEmotionsWorkForYouNotAgainstYou

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Will Khosrowshahi's promises, along with the aforementioned measures, prove to be enough to turn Uber around? Put simply, no. Culture change takes time, and Uber is only beginning the long and difficult journey that lies ahead.

But for the first time in a long time, Khosrowshahi is giving Uber fans something they've been desperately craving: Hope.

(Today's column: Wed.Nov 22.2017)

#UberHack #leadership #management #culture #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ #MakeEmotionsWorkForYouNotAgainstYou

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Gates says he reads about 50 books a year, which translates to about one per week. But how does he make sure he's getting value from all that reading?

Follow these tips, and your transform your reading into an intellectual exercise, strengthening your mental muscles and further developing your ability to learn--and think.

(Today's column: Tue.Nov 21.2017)

#microsoft #LearnItAll #leadership #management #growth

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When you understand not only how emotions work, but how they can be used against you, it's possible to develop strategies to protect yourself, to fight back. With his powerful five word Twitter response, Crews shows us that the actions of such attackers are not acceptable.

#leadership #emotionalintelligence #EI #EQ #MakeEmotionsWorkForYouNotAgainstYou
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