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"Ahimsa" is abstaining from causing harm or injury - Do No Harm - make the world a better place
"Ahimsa" is abstaining from causing harm or injury - Do No Harm - make the world a better place

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+Joe Modzski this made me think about you guys :)

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What do we we do when we land a job that makes a little more money? We might buy some cool stuff, start sipping finer wines, and we might start donating money to things that really matter to us.
This is where I went to buy a few Sea Shepherd schwag bits and set up a monthly donation which is matched by my employer:

Sea Shepherd, and you've all heard this from me before, is The Only organization pro-actively, and at risk to themselves, taking productive action to prevent the unnatural and unnecessary death of massive quantities of diverse marine life. The same marine life that gives life to our oceans, and keeps the natural Earth cycles moving, which in turn keep our planet habitable for us.
There's more than altruism at stake here, this is our biosphere that keeps us alive.

Without balance in our oceans we don't have a foundation of a planet for our children, our grandchildren, to live on. This isn't hug the whales bullshit, this is life and death reality. 
How many more wakeup calls do we need before we smell the coffee and do something about it.

If I can't volunteer my time to Sea Shepherd right now I will give what I can to ensure that those who can hands-on volunteer are able to operate the vessels, have room and board on the ships, and keep our planet's oceans safe from illegal poaching and fishing.

Published by Sea Shepherd Global:
In January 2016 The MV Steve Irwin found an illegal driftnet operation in the Indian Ocean. When confronted, the poachers abandoned a section of their net, which was then hauled in by the Steve Irwin and its crew from the ocean with the bodies of 321 animals entangled in it.

Today Sea Shepherd Global launches Operation Driftnet with the aim to shut down this illegal operation.

Sea Shepherd expects to engage with the fleet of illegal vessels in the coming days.

Watch the campaign launch video and go to the campaign website to find out more:

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Another weekend, another sailboat race. Center Sound Series in Seattle has begun, and the Spring racing season is underway.
Bring on the big winds and heavy weather!

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“Just say NO to the dolphin show!”

A very well written expose, authored with passion for the topic like true journalism should be, this is a great read on what goes on in Taiji and how Sea Shepherd has preserved over obstacles to keep practicing proper journalism.

"The Taiji dolphin killers [and captors] are profiting from a demand for captive dolphins. If you proudly display a photo kissing a captive dolphin, if you support marine parks and dolphinariums, you might as well stand alongside the killers in Taiji’s bloody cove. Your entrance fee to these places fuels the tanks for another hunt."

This message is loud and clear - Do Not feed into this monstrous beast by not feeding the multi-billion dollar industry that enslaves and kills these intelligent sentient animals.

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Okay, most of you probably already knew this was coming, but I just now found out and am totally stoked.  It's not often I say I look forward to the summer for seeing a movie... 

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Just for your +Richard Posey ... I'm still alive, and checking in  :)
Facebook seems to be hoarding all my time, and that silly thing called a job, so not much time for G+
Will try to be here a bit more often!  In the meantime, here's me and the best hiking buddy Ever, still hitting the trails.

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One more tidbit of awareness to spread, and then we'll get back to the regular programming...  which has, admittedly, been much more active on FB than G+, but this is important stuff... 
There is a great video in this update (gets a bit graphic after a while, but the people are amazing). Such courage and passion, we could only hope to stand up like this even once in our lives, for anything. 
Heck, I'm sitting on my ass at home typing this out while others are pro-actively, at risk to themselves, trying to save lives. The least we could do is gain awareness and think about what we should be doing as we carry on with our Saturday.
Some amazing quotes in this....
“We were one small boat and five bodies against 500 people on the beach and 50 boats pushing … but there’s no reason not to fight.”
"12 Sea Shepherd volunteers have now been arrested and 490 pilot whales have been killed this year alone. But we will continue to StandUp for the pilot whales."
“We are much stronger than they are. As a movement, they’ve got no chance against us.”

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 Operation Sleppid Grindini. From June 14 through to October, Sea Shepherd crewmembers from around the world will return to the Danish Faroe Islands to once again halt the mass slaughter of long-finned pilot whales and other small cetaceans in the region.
A total of 12 were arrested, thus far, in this campaign. 
5 were sentenced/deported.
2 had charges dropped.
5 more are pending verdict this coming Wednesday.
These are people from Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, USA, England, and Luxembourg. These 12 people from 8 nations are banded together in a fight to save pilot whales from horrific and necessary slaughter. 
(which our global politicians could work this well together for the greater good!)
Multiple global nations are publicly stating their stance against this Faroe Islands whale drive, and so are people like Martin Sheen,…/Martin-Sheen-speaks-out-inhumane… and his son, Charlie Sheen. (who both donated vessels over the years to Sea Shepherd)
As well as Brigitte Bardot, whose namesake vessel The MV Brigitte Bardot she donated was used in the campaign. 
The MV Bob Barker was also used in this campaign. (donated by Washingtonian Bob Barker prior to his passing away)
I, personally, have chosen to sanction Denmark and I will refuse to spend a penny towards their economy in my years of travel to come until Denmark ends these drive campaigns against pilot whales and starts holding Faroese people accountable for murder of an intelligent marine species rather than hold these 12 persons accountable for trying to save lives.
This is a sick and twisted world we live in, with this going on. The Faroese don't even eat most of these killed animals, there are plenty of sheep, cows and chicken raised on land for human consumption, and the mercury levels are too high for human consumption.. so why kill them. It's completely unnecessary and the excuse of "tradition" is not acceptable.
The 12 defendants, and their stories, are incredible. Here is a plea entered in court (found in this link):
"I will not enter a plea because I do not recognize the Faroese Pilot Whaling Act as a legitimate law. Denmark is a signatory state to the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats; the Bern Convention. Denmark’s support of the grind runs against the sentiment of its obligation to this convention; as do our arrests which were undertaken by police officers, who are officially, a part of the Danish National Police Force; and the attempt to try us in this court, which is officially, a part of the Danish legal system. I, Kevin Shiltz; I, Christophe Bondue; I, Xavier Figarella; I, Marianna Baldo; I, Rosie Kunneke, was acting under the provision of The United Nations World Charter for Nature which gives individuals the right to act on behalf of and enforce international conservation laws, and therefore to defend, conserve and protect these whales."
And here is information on the slaughter, as well as video. It's disturbing and graphic, and will make you want to write to the Danish reps and let them know what you think of their actions.

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CYC's CSS Scatchet Head race on Freeflyte...  Adam at the helm

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Excellent write-up on the Pink Boat Regatta by local sailor lady Ashley Bell (featured in photo with her mom, a breast cancer survivor). 
There are multiple ways to get involved in this event, and with donations, to invest in a cure for cancer (not just breast cancer) and here's where the Pink Boat Regatta invites you to join in the effort 

(article features a great photo of a new sail design for this event: a 'brazinnaker' - so much creativity and love goes into this event... please do join in participation)
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