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Configure your Windows Storage Server 2012, Enterprise-Grade Storage Solution from £1,749

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Introducing the Broadberry Database Appliance with 1.6 million IOPs for blisteringly fast database performance!

Find out more:

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Introducing the PetaRack, 1 PetaByte of RAW Storage in a Half Rack under a single name space or volume.

...with Virtually Unlimited Expadability

Configure your Petabyte storage now

Post has attachment Increase the capacity of your CyberStore WSS appliance, daisy-chain additional units for up to 1 Petabyte of storage!

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Check out the new addition to our CyberStore WSS range of iSCSI SAN/NAS Storage appliances - the CyberStore WSS P10. Robust, quiet and affordable, this storage appliance doesn't need to go in a rack

Did you know the CyberStore WSS range boasts #WriteBackCache, setting aside physical storage to smooth the ups/downs of write-intensive ops

Did you know the CyberStore WSS range boasts #StorageTeiring at OS level, allowing your most used data to be moved to faster storage pools

Did you know our CyberStore WSS range boasts built in File Sync, just like Dropbox, #WSS #WorkFolders syncs files between server & clients

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Stay tuned over the coming week for daily tweets on features of our Windows Storage Server 2012 based CyberStoreWSS range of #storageservers
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