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3D printing pen on Kickstarter!!
The video is amazing-- makes me think of "what if" things I used to imagine as a kid, but real life :D 
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I reposted it on my Facebook page. Nobody got how cool this is. 

Imagine if you could extrapolate to a much larger application for building construction, which they already do with cement. However, think a) finely shredded wood particles, b) resin created from wood products and c) a large nozzle that heats the two combining them at the nozzle exit point. If you could formulate the proper melting point for the mixture, ensure that it cured to the right structural specifications...you could basically draw your next house.
Or, using lasers and moon dust, you could build a moon base.

+Andrew Roach You'd have to adapt the mixture to harden so that it worked well in 1/6 earth gravity. Also, I do not know if the lack of atmosphere on the moon would affect the curing or not.
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