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Mikael Hindsberg
Private account. Interested in all interesting stuff, that's quite a lot. Always glad to discuss it.
Private account. Interested in all interesting stuff, that's quite a lot. Always glad to discuss it.

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As previously announced [1], Freebase will be going read-only next Tuesday, March 31st. This means that the website will no longer accept edits and the MQL write API will be retired. 

In that announcement we also promised updates on the Wikidata import review tool and transition plan for the Freebase Search API & Suggest Widget to a Knowledge Graph-based solution.

The Primary Sources tool will have two parts: a front end integrated into the Wikidata User Interface and a back end running on Wikimedia labs to provide data to the front end. Shortly after read-only, we will start with a small set of data in order to get feedback from the community and refine the tool.
- Screenshot and more info: 
- Code will be available by the end of the month here:
- FAQ by the Wikidata community: 
- Discussion:

The new Knowledge Graph API should be publicly available as a beta sometime during calendar Q2. We will ensure that there are at least three full months between the launch of that beta and the retirement of the current Freebase APIs, so this does mean the original June 30th retirement date will be pushed out. In the meantime, here are a few more details about the new API:
- Enables searching for Knowledge Graph entities by text or MID
- Returns name, subtitle, image, description and URL for candidate matches
- Results can also be restricted to a specific language or type
- Uses vocabulary in the JSON-LD format
- Companion Freebase Suggest-like Javascript library


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I blogged about our work with linking data.

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Hah haa!!! :D
Did you spot this over the weekend?

Made us smile...

( #googleplus  / Image:

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Bloggade om data, metadata och länkad data. Och lite om journalistik. Och public service.

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Den du +Kristoffer Soderlund Intressant att de härmed slutligen begraver gamla 4/3!

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Sad but true :)

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Be part of Jolla. Register your interest. Join the movement and be among the first. Free pre-booking.

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Väldigt bra poänger för marknadsföring i sociala medier här!
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