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Raise your hand if the Windows 10 Upgrade Notification is Annoying the Crap out of you!

Microsoft obviously really wants us all to go to Windows 10. I like Windows 10, I think it is much better than Windows 8.1. However, I like the simplicity of Windows 7 and I don't see the need to upgrade to Windows 10 from 7.

I've also had customers that have had problems upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7, to the point where I had to recover their computers.

So, if you’re annoyed by the Upgrade Notification and you want to get rid of it, here is the best forum post I've seen.

Stop Windows 10 upgrade notification on Windows 7

Let me know if you have any questions!

Stay away from US Tech Support. I had a customer who was paying $12 a month for very little service. And as far as I could tell the US Tech Support Framework Service also installed other questionable programs on his computer that had very little value and dragged down the PCs performance more than anything.

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Computers? Ask me anything

I’m renaming my Blog to Q&A Blog.

To ask a question about Computers, Networking, WiFi, Macs or whatever. Please Click Here

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HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop Overheating Fix
I recently had to fix a customers HP Pavilion DV6 Laptop that was overheating and shutting down. Eventually these crashes will ruin your hard drive and who knows what else. These laptops are notorious for this. HP failed in the design by not providing enough cooling with the heat-sink and fan to handle the fast processor when running close to 100% generating a ton of heat. The Internet is a gift! You can find fixes for just about everything. Here are the 2 steps I found and I would take.

Step 1 (Easy) - Tune the power options to throttle the CPU slightly to keep it from overheating. This Video is perfect. Also, the notes below the video are the details of the setting changes you need to make. This will take you like 5 minutes. I ran a load test and before the change when I ran the laptop at 100% CPU it shutdown within 2 minutes. With this change it did not shutdown. 

VIDEO: HP DV6 Overheating [Solved] YouTube Video by Charlie Mac -

Step 2 (more difficult) - The second step to take if the 1st step did not work is to pull the laptop apart and re-seat the Heat-sink on the CPU and GPU with new Thermal Grease. This is a bit tedious and will take you a couple hours or longer if you have never taken your laptop apart. If you are not comfortable doing this I will be glad to help you. Contact Joe -

VIDEO: HP DV6 Overheating Laptop Repair YouTube Video by jgcertified -

Buy Thermal Grease on eBay: Thermal Grease Paste Compound Silicone fr CPU Heat Sink -

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How to Create an Install/Repair Disc or USB Flash Drive for Windows 10

If you've upgraded to Windows 10 and then something happens and your PC won't boot and Startup Repair does not work, which it rarely does. Then you need to create a Windows 10 Install Disc or USB Flash Drive to boot from and repair your Windows 10 Installation.
Microsoft has done a good thing here. They've created a Media Creation Tool to create an Install/Repair Disc or USB Flash Drive for Windows 10.
Go to this link and Scroll Down to the Download Tool button and click it
This will walk you though creating Install Media for your Computer.
Nice Tool to have!
Thanks - Joe

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DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION Blue Screen in Windows 10
Ran into this problem recently trying to repair an older PC that has been upgraded to Windows 10.
Follow the instructions on this site to fix it…...
See More
Computer Repair Colorado Springs's photo.

If your system is slow and flaky even after a Tune-Up … it’s probably the Hard Drive

Recently I have run into more failing hard drives than I used to see. I run a short drive test and they pass, yet the system remains flaky even after a Tune-Up and Malware Removal. Replacing the hard drive has been the fix. For that reason I first backup most systems, unless they are really new, before I perform a Tune-Up and Malware Removal. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but that way I don’t lose my customers data! Which I really hate to do! – Joe

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For $100 I will come to your home or office and make your PC Blazing Fast Again! 
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