I was bored, and it's Talk Like a Pirate Day, so I threw together a pirate class. The Swashbuckling ability probably needs some work, but you get the idea.


Hit Points: A pirate gains 1d7 hit points at each level.

Weapon training: A pirate prefers light, fast weapons. A pirate is trained in these weapons: Club, Crossbow, Dagger, Dart, Handaxe, Longsword, Mace, Short bow, Short sword, Sling, Spear

Alignment: Though it requires order to run a ship effectively, most pirates have little regard for laws and hierarchies other than those on their own ship. Pirates can be of any alignment, but the majority are Chaotic.

Swashbuckle: Pirates are adept at moving quickly in unorthodox ways, such as sliding down railings, leaping over tables, or swinging from ropes. A pirate can make a swashbuckling action by rolling his Agility or less on 1d20. If the action succeeds, the pirate can move and attack in the same action, getting a bonus to the attack roll equal to his level for the surprising daringness of it all. A swashbuckling action can also be used to withdraw from combat without allowing an opponent a free attack. If the swashbuckling action fails, the pirate loses his action and immediately rolls 1d8 on the Fumble table.

Buried Treasure: A pirate can regain burned Luck by sacrificing treasure. For every 100gp worth of coins, gems, jewelry, or art objects that is buried (and left behind) or dumped into the sea, the pirate gets back 1d3 points of Luck up to his starting maximum.

Luck: A pirate's Luck modifier applies to his Initiative rolls.

Level Attack    Crit        Action        Ref    Fort    Will
1    +1    1d10/III    1d20        +1    +0    +1
2    +2    1d10/III    1d20        +1    +0    +1
3    +2    1d12/III    1d20        +2    +1    +1
4    +3    1d14/III    1d20        +2    +1    +2
5    +4    1d16/III    1d20+1d14    +3    +1    +2
6    +5    1d16/III    1d20+1d14    +4    +2    +2
7    +5    1d20/III    1d20+1d16    +4    +2    +3
8    +6    1d20/III    1d20+1d20    +5    +2    +3
9    +7    1d24/III    1d20+1d20    +5    +3    +3
10    +8    1d30/III    1d20+1d20+1d14    +6    +3    +4
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