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Dieter Zimmerman
A man, no can, and only the vaguest of plans.
A man, no can, and only the vaguest of plans.

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Is anyone besides me planning on being at Whosyercon in Indy the first weekend of April?

It's a great con, totally free, about 2000 attendees. Totally ripe for a DCC takeover, so I'd love to see more people there running games!

I met +Reid San Filippo there last year! :)

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Guess which DCC module I am for Halloween.

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Live streaming pirate songs, starting soon!

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Live pirate songs on the internet Monday night!

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Something that might be of interest to fans of OSR gaming: The Judges Guild Deluxe Collector's Edition Kickstarter is live (and already funded!) This oversized 13”x18” book collects three of the most popular Judges Guild modules, the extremely rare Judges Guild Journals, and additional articles and new game material all in one place.

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I'm going to be running some DCC at Who's Yer Con in Indy April 1-3. It's a TOTALLY FREE gaming con that had about 1600 attendees last year. Event submission deadline is Feb 26, you should all come run games with me. This con is ripe for a DCC takeover! :)

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This Sunday afternoon my pirate act is hitting the internet as we invade Mr. Moustachio's Twitch stream! We'll sing songs, drink booze, and play video games for your amusement.

Starts roughly 3PM Eastern time.

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I cannot put into words how much I love Rat Queens. It's great for any fan of brutal/funny fantasy, but it might be of particular interest to +Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game fans. It might have too much in the way of "adult situations" and four-letter words to be properly Appendix N style, but it's got a lot of DCC in it.

Demonic patrons from other dimensions! Spell duels! Magical corruption! Enchanted drugs! Critical hits and Mighty Deeds! Mercurial magic! Shitloads of tentacles!
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Humorous/light hearted/downright silly fantasy books:

Pratchett, Discworld
Asprin, Myth Adventures
Alan Dean Foster, Spellsinger
Piers Anthony, Xanth
Peter David, Sir Apropos of Nothing

Know of any others? 

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This dude made a 3D version of the door from the DCC cover.
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