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David Quaid
Irish Entrepreneur and Internet Business Developer
Irish Entrepreneur and Internet Business Developer

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Google starts to show (not provided) in organic results
Yes - you heard correctly, a trial new version of Google, code-named Google Ninja, is going to start sharing organic results as "(not provided)." Already infamous amongst website owners, this latest move does little to help the growing unrest and anger dire...

I just commented on a G+ post (by Google Think) and my account was immediately disabled!

I'm kind of shocked. The comment didn't promote or link to anything. It wasn't abusive or adult in nature. It was just a comment that CMO's might continue to ignore Search because Google does things like hide search words in not provided (announced or visible from today).

According to G+ I must delete this comment ( I can't my account is disabled)

I think this kind of practice is unreal to be honest!

This is my origin G+ account. I had to create a new email address when we moved to GApps. Then I had to create a new G+ account, which was tonight suspebded. The Suspension was so immediate and sudden that it could only have been done by a Googler. I've reported spammy comments/posts before but the users don't ever get suspended

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Funny thought about earned links and Negative SEO
The pain of looking through your own back links to see who is linking to you, the angst of wondering what Google thinks and what to do ab...

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New Job post if anyone knows C++ developers with Financial experience - Connex and Cortex for Financial Clearing houses.

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