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This pretty much sums it up
This pretty much sums up how I feel about
politics in Canada

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We need an adult at the wheel
As I expected the bias media would once again live up to
their despicable role in this country. The taxpayer funded CBC couldn't seem to
resist dragging in an innocent bystander to the latest political embarrassment
to happen to this country. Stephen Harper...

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Leadership isn't about power
I've held off commenting on the situation that took place in Ottawa to give myself a chance to think about the situation rationally. What strikes me is that nobody realizes that this is what we've come to. I actually don't blame Justin Trudeau as an individ...

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Media induced disgust
After witnessing what seems like an endless federal election campaign, one thing sticks out above all others. The disdain and disrespect the media has for the citizens of this country.  The endorsement of political parties by the mainstream media has essent...

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The more things change......
It's been awhile since I've felt a need to write about our political climate and the happenings, or lack thereof, in the Alberta Legislature, but now the picture of what and who we have in power has come into focus.  Premier Mulcair , I mean Notley, has dec...

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Answering a simple question is exactly that simple, unless. If answering that question could have a negative effect on the outcome of an election.  After a year and a half of stalling and excuses the an independent report still leaves the question of exactl...

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The act of pure selfishness
Is anyone anywhere really buying this sham? In typical PC
fashion they invite a safe group of people to surround them and then act as if
they haven't deceived and lied to the people of Alberta . This has become a cycle of abuse
repeated time and time again ...

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Sometimes the suppression is subtle
Hundreds of thousands of people gather in France  to attend the solidarity march in the streets of Paris Free Speech and Freedom of Expression are what truly differentiate a Free society from an oppressed society.  The terrorist attack  that took place earl...

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Supporting servitude and fear over democracy
In Alberta it appears that some civic politicians have trouble grasping the difference between blackmail and governance. Recently High River Mayor Craig Snodgrass was quoted saying: “I need access to the people with decision-making power and
a chequebook, i...
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