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Might as well mention this blog post about maze generation while I'm at it.

#maze   #proceduralgeneration  
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Benedict Apuna

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Wow! The shocking thing is this guy still seems to be up to his same old tricks.

via: +Sven Bergström  #gamedev
(Attention people who know me personally: This is kind of important. )

Thanks to +Mike Acton for the new slew of circlers... I'm honored! I have a long history in running PlayStation developer support and my team runs the official PlayStation developer websites, aka SCE DevNet or Allow me to abuse your attention on that topic for a moment...

In the course of establishing other game industry connections you may notice one Robert Šebo, who purports to be associated with Sony Computer Entertainment, and SCE DevNet in particular. You'll see him using variants of SCEDevNet or in his account names on Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, etc... and of course now in his Google Plus profile information.

Robert Sebo is not associated with SCE and in fact has been noticed more than once attempting to social-engineer access to the materials housed on the real PlayStation developer support websites. He has taken images from the real DevNet site and used them to set up sites which conflate him with official web presence from Sony. He's also abused poorly-checked social networking connections of well-connected people in the game industry to attempt to sell development hardware that doesn't belong to him, and was likely obtained illegally.

I notice that Mr. Sebo has now circled 89 people I'm listed as circling, including many of my game industry colleagues and close friends. Nothing prevents him from doing that, and hey, maybe he's just really interested in anyone who knows me rather than a creepy guy who's setting up for some in-depth social engineering. However: Anyone who's circled Robert Sebo back simply because they think he's somehow associated with me or SCE should probably uncircle him and block him.

If you don't mind, please reshare this to your game industry circles so others are aware that Mr. Sebo is not what he purports to be. Thanks for your time.

UPDATE, 2011/07/18 20:59 PDT:
This was made as a public post, and therefore showed up in Mr. Sebo's stream as intended. He immediately began commenting below, claiming that the info in the pages I referred to were unrelated to Sony Computer Entertainment, that he never said he worked for SCE, that SCE DevNet referred to something else, that he didn't have or try to sell dodgily obtained PlayStation development hardware, etc... Meanwhile he was furiously editing pages, trying to make what I was saying untrue.

Unfortunately for him, I saved off captures of all the pages beforehand, and he's done an incredibly poor job removing the remaining information... Many pages still contain SCE copyrights, legal information, etc. that he'd copied verbatim, and Google has caches of everything, including a few posts where he's offered to sell the dev hardware. I look forward to watching Mr. Sebo continue to wind down his purported association with SCE here and elsewhere, wherever he can edit the profile information on these accounts. (That was after all my intention in making the post.)

I don't want to continue to give Mr. Sebo more attention or interaction with my social circles than he warrants. For that reason I'm removing the comments directly involving him; you may find the stream below a little disjointed as a result.

A reminder for those who are even loosely associated with me on G+: It's likely that Mr. Sebo has you in his circles (he's followed many co-workers' significant others, childhood friends' friends, etc.), and if that gives you the willies, you should probably block him.

UPDATE, 2011/07/19 06:33 PDT:
Mr. Sebo posted once again, this time claiming that he never offered to sell his collection, and in particular never offered to sell development hardware.

Here's indication that he tried to sell his collection, and that his Flickr set was created with that in mind:

As for selling development hardware: A former co-worker and good friend, +Mark DeLoura, had accepted a friend request from Mr. Sebo on Facebook based on his confusing profile, which he thought belonged to SCE. On November 15th 2010, Mr. Sebo posted an item on Mark's Facebook wall, advertising an eBay auction of a PSP devkit. Mark is very well-connected in the game industry, so this post got huge exposure. Mark removed the post.

I understand that Mr. Sebo is a PlayStation fan. I think his collection of hardware is beautiful. My objection is to him causing confusion as to his association with SCE, and his attempts to sell development hardware which should not be in his possession. I appreciate that since yesterday the confusing information in his profiles has continued to drop, and I hope that he can remove it completely.

At this point Mr. Sebo is blocked, and I expect you will not see his posts here again.

UPDATE, 2011/07/20 07:45 PDT:
At this point Mr. Sebo is dedicating his time to posting confused, curse-filled screeds about me wherever he can online.

He also continues to contradict his own statements, even in new postings. For example, he updated one site to say he's never sold dev hardware; at the same time he interviewed himself in a Bret Mogilefsky "fan" page, and says there that he sells off whatever extra dev hardware he gets ahold of.

Similarly, one of his page updates again maintains that "SCE DevNet" has nothing to do with Sony Computer Entertainment... despite an image directly below that text containing the SCE logo, with the words "Sony Computer Entertainment" prominently displayed.

I admire his persistence, but I think Mr. Sebo should consider the damage he's causing to his own reputation and ability to interact online by continuing to react in this way, rather than simply taking down the materials and dissociating himself with DevNet. Consider what future employers will see when they google for "Robert Sebo" and see both this page and the various harassing posts Mr. Sebo has made... all of which point back in this direction. Would you employ this guy? Date him? Respect him?

UPDATE, 2011/07/21 10:03 PDT:
An example of the kind of things Mr. Sebo is posting:
sites_google_com/site/bretmogilefskyspam/ [edit: Removed exact URL prefix to stop feeding PageRank]

One more point: Mr. Sebo claims there never to have been contacted about this previously. This is untrue... We asked him to stop misrepresenting himself as affiliated with SCE in a very polite e-mail response to his own inquiry to us in November 2010.

If you want to see whether you have inadvertently added Mr. Sebo to your Facebook friends list, take a look at his profile here:
www_facebook_com/ [edit: Removed exact URL prefix to stop feeding PageRank]
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Benedict Apuna

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Free downloable art books from The Getty
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Nightmod is a tool for making live-moddable games. You can view a game's code while it's running and inject changes by simply hitting "Save". With the powerful Clojure programming language, you'll see your game come to life as you type.

#gamedev   #clojure   #livecoding   #libgdx  
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libGDX 1.0 released! #gamedevelopment   #libgdx
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Learn more about the US. oligarchy because knowing is half the battle.  #oligarchy   #inequality  
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HD Index Painting in Photoshop

A non-destructive method of creating high resolution pixel art in Photoshop.

via: fezzinate on reddit:

#pixelart   #photoshop  
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Nightmod, my Clojure game tool, is now on Steam Greenlight. It will always be a free download at but I'm hoping to sell it on Steam as well.
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Now, release your anger. Only your hatred can destroy these greedy telecoms. #netneutrality  
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Very nice collection of game development examples written in JavaScript using the Phaser framework.

#gamedevelopment   #javascript   #phaser  
This isn't a game but I thought you'd find it a useful resource:

I've created a collection of concrete examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and effects. The examples include platformer movement, lighting, ballistics, gravity, and more. They are all implemented in JavaScript using the Phaser game engine, but the concepts and methods are general and can be adapted to any engine. Each section contains several different examples that progress in sequence from a very basic implementation to a more advanced implementation. Every example is interactive and responds to keyboard or mouse input (or touch).

My goal was to provide a helpful resource for other game developers, particularly those who are just getting started. Each example focuses on one concept and includes the source code for the implementation. They are written for clarity so that it is easier to understand the underlying concepts and apply them to your own work in your own engine. The example source code is MIT licensed and the included assets are Creative Commons licensed.

This is a work in progress. Contact me if you have questions, corrections, or suggestions. Please spread the word and thank you for visiting!
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Learn you some JavaScript for great fun! #learnprogramming   #javascript
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Aspiring indie game developer
  • Self Employed
    Freelance Artist, 2007 - 2008
  • Mobicore LLC.
    Artist, 2004 - 2006
Basic Information
I am currently learning game programming and design. I hope to be creating my own games soon...

I have worked in the video game industry as an artist. I'm an active member of Polycount which is an online forum for game artists.
  • Kapi'olani Community College
    New Media Arts (Animation), 1999 - 2003
  • Kapi'olani Community College
    Business Computer Information Systems, 1996 - 1998