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We all said that ! : ) even if a student did it the teacher would'nt believe !
i would do that with my 5th grade teacher and my 6th grade teacher to and they would always belive it!!!! lol
actually its
I agree to the terms and conditions
Yeah , My teacher will hear this too soon. Smh
i think everyone has said it at one time or another.
i always used to do that haha ! fools 
I tryed to use  that in 5th grade.. But I started to cry? : ( ... Ha
my best the teacher always believe me!!!!
It doesn't work, part of the assignment is to turn it in on time =(
Once I convinced the teacher that she lost it after I handed it in
dats so common in my class !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was homeschooled too...didn't have homework.
I never did it :D So I'm not sharing :P
dats so weired excuse bt did ur teacher leave u !!!! tru...but the teacher alwayz eventually figured it out when the entire class did that xD
i be actin lyk i do when the teacher walkz by but nothin but numbers and
ya ive heard it over and over by others
some times I do do it, but I do forget it at home and the teachers NEVER believe me :(
You see I DID do my homework but I sometimes forgot it
I said that a lot, but I never think I lied about it. I was just a messyhead xD
ya that is true
but when I said that I was not lying I actually did it and forgot it 
never say it otherwise you are gonna to get a big bulky scolding...
ya i counted 200 of those this year of my class of 30
This is my favourite excuse to escape from punishments;)
done it a lot... i miss those days now!!
I always do that especially if it's physics
it is the most told lie, but its the most told lie to a teacher!
but what if l
thats the truth the teacher won't believe u cause thats the most told lie in the book he/she would just say" that's the oldest lie i've ever heard , you're doing ur homework over again and it better be don't be tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
one time the teacher asked me where i was at the day before i said i was out because the dog bit me but i was actually pretending to be sick
"better be done by tomorrow" made a mistake
This is a bad lie.  Homework isn't just about doing the work, it is getting it done on time and turned in.  Doing it but turning it in late is unacceptable.
hahah that is like the lie that like everyone uses!!!
That awkward moment when you really have done your homework and actually forgot it at home. Then all you can do is say to yourself: "Well, nobody's going to believe me anyhow..."
believe it or not, i never did it !!!!!!!!!!! but still i'm sharin' it ;-)
No, that is not the common lie, since in most cases it can be true  that a child left his/her homework in their desk at home but managed to complete it. Here is a common lie: "Oh I'm sorry, but I spilled water in it and left it to dry"
Of course i always forgot it but i did ;)))
true i did it all the time lolz
dont blame ya thou homework is a nightmare!!!
me too
lollllzzzzzzzz i have tried it so many timezzz >>> :D
i do that and then i come home to my cat that scratched it all up and bit it and stuff.
Actually, I think the biggest told lie is I told lie is I have read and agree to these terms and rules.
LOL i just be completely honest i said i didn't have it at all :D
ahhhh there is this kid in my class who always says that! so true
HAHA this is my favorite lie ever and get this they believe it :D
Pft. No way. The most told lie in the universe is "No, dear, that dress doesn't make your butt look fat at *all*".
the most common lie is when someone asks u if ur ok and u say yes
becuz if ur bleeding and sumone asks u if ur ok u will prob say yes
but that isnt really true :)
1. I love you
2. The check is in the mail
3. You won't get pregnant
For me its not always a lie, my homework is done but I leave in a rush in the morning so I forget some of the really important things. I hate it when teachers don't believe you because other students actually use it as a lie.... so frustrating.
When I used that excuse, it was always a lie 
That's a lie! The real most told lie is "I have read and agree to the terms of service"
Can i use that on my professor?
Actually I only said that if I actually forgot it, if I had not done it I would say so. Kind of helps build a good report with the teacher so they cut you some slack when it is actually needed
most ppl n my class say tht but once it actually happened to me and i was so mad bcuz i really did it and the teacher ddn't believe me :( 
Pretty soon it will all be submitted online, and it will have to be blamed on the network. 
Ive never done this before because I always hve my homework in on time... Ur prob thinkin im a g but really i am i 1ce started cryin wen i was like 7 wen my frend went up on a chair in her house 2 get some biscuits 4 me n her n i tawt she didnt ask. Im still the sme now!!
Hmmm yeah, however my favourite was, I left it on the bus, hehe... It must be in town right about now sir haha... :)
i knew someone who said that every day in  class and the teacher fell for it and just encouraged them to try and remember the next day
Nah, I don't think we had that much homework that you couldn't get it done.
Hmmmmm I thought it was dog ate it....=)
actually ill admit that has happenned 2 me but i actually did do my homwork!!

I could actually say 'my dog ate it' he has tried to in the past!!!! But i wouldnt take that advantage.

Sorry I went to a school that understood that homework is ineffective and just made us do all the work in school. Funny thing is that the US education system is just figuring this out now, twenty years later. :(
yeah, but dont you hate it when it is actually true but no one brlieves you?? and you're like :( :/
i always say that
i never told this! i was very honest and active!
mo mhadra ith sé, a d'oibrigh i gcónaí.
The most told lie is I have read and agree to the terms and conditions (ticks box)
ya i did that once and the best part was that he fall for it 
what if it actually was the truth????
hehe this whats happens with my maths homework sometimes
No...... I dont try to lie... I just take the missing assignment slip
Actually, every time ive said that, its been true
i just always forgot to do it
i would have just said " i forgot their was home work" when i actually did forget there was some 
i did forget get my homework a home and said" i did it but for got it at home." but it was true LOL 
I did it all the time... and sometimes it work!!! :D
Wow how many times have I heard that
Definitely used that one.  It was science and my teacher told me to go home and get it!
Even if it was true and my teacher believed me, she still didnt take any chances so she always said: handing up your homework is part of your homework so technically you didn't finish it!! :(
some when they come home ... mother:''wear is your homework?'' student:''i left it at school.''


I did that in 6th grade and the teacher #sonofabitch gave me a "pink slip" AKA detention
Erm no I didn't I swear the dog ate it no only joking its rite her
I acctualy I think my dad ate it…
definitly did it before !!!!!! hahahahahaha
I say that but i really mean it.................and the teachers believe me
I have used this line but sometimes I actually meant it. 
Better if you say your dogs used it as a chew toy.
I am a teacher and my students tell my the same things. Funny..
It was more fun to tell the truth then they would tell me about trees being cut down for the good of my education.
Psshhhhhhhh the most told lie is I aggree to the terms and conditions
Yep.... guilty as charged....   :p
I did it when I was a teenager...
If the homework was done at home on Google Docs, it could be printed out at school ;-)
mah Tey
Oh, that's cute !
Most told lie is "I have read and agree"
done that for like everyday... hahahah. now i wonder how i graduated college...
No I always bring my homework to class I'm a 4.0 GPA student

It happens every single time..... especially in chemistry class. :P But no, I have never done it. :D Go Honors students!!!!
hahah absolutely even i used dis  4 many times :P
ha ha that's like me in high school i forgot it like 10 times!!!!!!! it was actullaly quite fun though.
I did it a couple of times in elementary school
i use to do tht and my teacher always believed me hahaha
very sory if ur live at school!!its in domitory..
Works like a charm lol...Do the POKER face ;-)
واقعا همیشه برای در رفتن از انجام ندادن 1دروغ دیگه میگفتیم
its soooooo mean whenbit is the truth they dont belive us , i had to do a 6 page algabra homework and i forgot it at home , and the drama that happed in the class was all worth it
I say i left it on my bus lol
I did it many time. Even i enjoyed it.
Lol thats totally me xD (im a 6th grader now xD)
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