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haha my whole family is like
Gee Gee
Yes that true
Anna R
ain't it always?
mmy way is better much better
I am stubborn and my way is better.
I like the way you think.
Gee Gee
During the best day they are many but during the worse only you mum
Gee Gee
Very very funny
I like things my way,but they dont always go my way. Sometimes it can be better when things dont go my way.
haha thus is my life
for real people doubt me all the time
gets on my nerves
Me, but if I get a GOOD reason I change my ways ;)
ikr Karleigh that describes me also!!!!!!!! lol:)
Not true... Gods way is better
the perfect retort to upset parents/teachers. 
I know right!Everyone,even my mom says I am stubborn.My way is always perfect.I-L-O-V-E-I-T!!!!!!!!:D
Blake B
good explaination no i have a response to when mom says "why are you so stubborn?"
lalalalalalalalalalala elmos world~
Deja E
Thank you you took the words right out of my mouth
I have friends that have learned this the hard way. When they don't do it my way, something goes wrong. 
i am COMPLETELY just like this
Google Plus is so much like Facebook.
Hahahahahahahahaha that is so true!!!!
Kenn Z
And that's what everyone else thinks too :)
i know. will u help me convince people to stop hatin on Austin Mahone?
Haha.. I Wish Ppl Could Really Understand This
Hah it's my way too but it's when it doesn't work for you
that cannot be a truer statement :)
How come it's nearly all women who love this quote! Ha!
Gee Gee
Me too but not always
i agree:)
Gee Gee
Hi am happy to know u like nature like me p
Gee Gee
Post more that is soo good
thats right noobs... FINALLy someone said it :)
how ru
On Nov 21, 2012 6:45 AM, "jasbinder ray" <****@**> wrote:

> what other things like doingin
How  true, if everybody listened to me the world would be better, no wars, no killing, instead much love, concern others....I love You..
My way is soooooo better!!! I hate it when people think I'm wrong and I think they're wrong and it just ends up in a big dirty cat fight!!!
U can agree w/ me or u can be wrong! Simple as that!
I'm just gonna say that I'm the only person who can claim that quote because I am awesome and if everyone claims it then how will we know who's way is really better
By using the mythical chicken named bob, of course. How daft are you? :P
the magical chicken isn't named bob, it's named Phoebe and it will no doubt claim that it's way is better.
But I am the chicken master, I know all, see all, and taste all that is chicken.
Yes, I can because I am the chicken master, you cannot defeat me.
You don't know who I am, and you are the chicken master, not the magic chicken master. Magic chickens are independent so ha
And you don't know who I am Zoe, FOR I HAVE CHUCK NORRIS ON MY SIDE! Your argument will be forever invalid.
And how do you know:

1) that my name is actually Zoe. I have pseudonyms you know

2) that I don't know who you are. As my friend says, hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehebehehehe

1. LIES! Chuck and I have the same birth day! So we have a cosmic bond that allows us to communicate with our minds.
2. I don't know your name, I'm just using the info given.
That's not my real name, so stop making assuptions. And i met chuck norris when I tunneled under my house and to the center of the earth, so HA
Well What in the World else am I supposed to call you then? Hm? :P
Well, he's my best friend so I know that that didn't happen. -_-
He might punch my friends cat and eat a potato farm if I do.
I said you can't see that. What you just said made absolutly no sense.
Abby M.
i'm stubborn - one of these days i'm going end up in the hospital. 
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