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We've had a minor setback on the Android app, which will prevent it from being released today as planned.

Its a simple error on our end that has to do with the search in the activity bar. We considered shipping with the bug, but would rather delay and release a functional client. This one won't take long. Fortunately, we don't have to make any changes to the app, its merely a backend tweak.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Watchily running on a Nexus 5!

Don't forget, Watchily is a responsive website, so you can use the mobile format straight from any browser!

Today, we are making a few announcements regarding the core Watchily experience.

First, we are sad to announce that we will be removing the Redbox index from Watchily. Recently, Verizon shut down the Redbox streaming service. Thanks to their robust API, our links still pointed to their DVD availability page. This lead us to a dilemma- do we want to be pointing to content everywhere, even on rented DVD? Philosophically, it is interesting, but after much thought and discussion, we have decided to remain a streaming service only. There are many services that let you check that too, but we want to expand into a streaming experience. We can do that well. DVDs just aren't who we are. So, on Monday, November 24 we will remove all Redbox links from Watchily. To continue to support it would have meant the addition of many new UI elements. We are simply too small to try to add that much. Not when we have so many more exciting things to come.

Our next announcement is a little more personal. In 2011, Watchily launched as the only API-driven real-time search service. We were providing the fastest, most accurate results. Unfortunately, since then many of those services have closed their API's. Hulu and Netflix no longer have any API, and services like Crackle have dramatically depreciated ones. We successfully pivoted to a database search which isn't dependent on those APIs, but they make the classic search less useful. It still is great for iTunes and Amazon, but doesn't have the broad scope that it used to. Therefore, we will retire the Classic search on December 15, 2014. It still works well for the services with APIs, so we would like to find a way to "reward" the Amazons and iTunes of the video world by adding it in somehow. We'll keep thinking on it and maybe we can make something come out of it!

By moving on from those legacy items, we are able to focus on many new features. We have already announced our new mobile apps, but now we can announce that on the day we retire the classic search, we will exit beta! We have the bugs from personal media libraries figured out, and we're going to be able to fix them soon. In addition, we plan to add at least one more new service by the 15th. So, stay tuned. We've got a few big weeks ahead with more surprises to come!

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Better late than never! Coming to #iOS in December. #Android  version due next week!

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Absolutely thrilled to announce this little partnership with the MPAA today. Thanks for including us!

Over the last few days we've been rolling out some new features to enhance personal library search and better integrate with the community.

First up, we've added Per-Episode searching to your media library. Everyone will need to import your library to keep it up to date. We are investigating ways to keep the data up-to-date with push services or regular updates. For now, just go to your account page and click "Import library" to manage your personal media services.

Secondly, we've added a Trello board for public issue tracking/submission. Just click "Issues" on the top right of the page, and you'll be taken to our workflow sheet. From there, you can add issues to the pool or check to see where they are being worked on.

Finally, we've created a signup page for the API. If you are interested in the data, fill out the form there and we'll be in touch.


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Today, we're participating in the "Internet Slow Down Day". You will see a banner pop up over the user accounts today only. Please be sure to write to your representative today. Details in the link.

 Good morning everyone!

Progress has been slow lately. Not for a lack of hours put in, but we've had some issues tackling a new API. Expecting to add a new content provider by the end of the week if we're lucky. Stay tuned!

A big bug has been squashed!

Instead of querying all of your personal media sources every time you go to "My Account" (and thus slowing down your whole session), the site now has "Check Connection" buttons to manually do it.

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The classic search hasn't gotten much love lately, but it is still an important part of the project. Recently, we've had to drop Netflix support for it due to a change in Netflix's API. The standard Watchily search will always support Netflix, however.

Every provider we add will, if possible, fully support the Classic search. Including a new one this week! Stay tuned.
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