I got asked why the Kernel-Log in c't / on heise open and "The H" didn't mention that Linux kernel 3.6 offers SMB2 support for CIFS, which some news sites on the web report about.

Simple: That support is marked broken and afaics hence not usable in Linux 3.6 To clarify let me quote linux-3.6/fs/cifs/Kconfig

> config CIFS_SMB2
>        bool "SMB2 network file system support (EXPERIMENTAL)"
>        depends on EXPERIMENTAL && INET && BROKEN

Patches to change this were merged round about 36 hours ago for Linux 3.7; Quoting one (http://git.kernel.org/linus/ba02e89915afcfc9a071a86e5cae32f77c7d353a ) of them:

> Now that the merge of the remaining pieces needed for SMB2 (SMB2.1
> dialect) are in, and most test cases pass, we can consider SMB2.1
> EXPERIMENTAL rather than "BROKEN."
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