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John Enfield

My Newest Blog Entry  - 
Hi All,

It's been a while, but I'm back to posting on my blog regularly again. I've got a new post that focuses more on the indoors aspect of things, but still is within our holistic realm of enhancing our everyday environs. You'll also see that it even involves plants, but maybe not in a way you might think. Take a look and let me know what you think.

A place to discuss and share ideas, problems, solutions, questions and more about designing, gardening and landscaping. The focus is on Southern Nevada, but many ideas shared here will work anywhere. Enfield's Enhanced Environs is a holistic, earth friendly yet budget minded consultation, installation and maintenance business focusing on enhancing the environs or surroundings that we live, work and play in. We are soon to open in Las Vegas, N...
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John Enfield

Discussion  - 
I'm enjoying the new (to me anyway) turn-based strategy/rpg Disciples III on Steam.  It scratches that table-top strategy game itch with a bit of role playing thrown in.  Not easy to find good turn-based video games anymore, so I try every one I find.  These Disciples games have intuitive and simple to use level editors that let you make some pretty impressive games to share complete with scripted events and text dialog.  I love the way that you transform the land rather than just planting a flag on it to conquer it.  The artwork, especially in Disciples I and II is beautiful too.

Have you tried the Disciples games?  What do you think of them? 
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John Enfield

Game Reviews  - 
Have you guys ever played the Disciples series?  It's a turn-based computer game that is a blend between an RPG, an empire building sim and a tactical strategy game (especially the newest one).

I've been enjoying them for years with Disciples I and II and their expansion packs on CD-ROM.  Now, there is Disciples III available on Steam.  The new one dispenses with the beautiful 2D graphics with their hand-painted story book look for 3D rendered graphics that can look nice at times.  On the other hand, they've added more to the combat with now having the ability to move your units around the 3D battlefield to gain advantages and/or protect injured units.  The previous games did battles similar to Final Fantasy 1 with just the ability to put units weaker against melee attacks in the back row. 

Otherwise, they've kept the game style and features pretty much intact so that if you've played Disciples I and/or II, you'll be able to pretty much jump right into III.  They do have some nice videos in the tutorial now though that help new players out.  Being on Steam, you can now play in multiplayer if you like.  I don't care for most multiplayer online experiences, though so I haven't tried that part. 

The way you win the game by conquering territory through battles is nothing new, but the ability to transform the appearance and benefits of the land itself is pretty striking in all three games.  You have the Empire and the Legions of the Damned in each game, but the different entries in the series and their expansions give you different third options for factions.

It's a fun game and certainly worth checking out if you like turn-based games like I do.  I appreciate having the time to stop and think about what I'm doing rather than trying to form a strategy while getting pummeled like you do in some real time strategy and role playing games. 
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I've never played it, but I've watched a number of videos of the series from Youtube. The graphical elements of it look great, and who doesn't like a strategy based Sim. One of these days I will have to give it a try.
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John Enfield

Shared publicly  - 
What's new with me is that I finished reading a great book called Reckless Ambitions by John Paul Ried the other day. I highly recommend it.  It's a fantasy novel that is both funny and gritty at times with some plot twists that actually surprised even me.

It's available on
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John Enfield

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Sunflower that came up volunteer in my back yard is blooming now. Has two more buds to go. We'll see if they bloom.
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Sunflowers always make me smile 
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John Enfield

My Newest Blog Entry  - 
It's a little warm here in the Mojave Desert.  Here's how we are coping with it the best we can.
115 Degrees Fahrenheit. In the shade. On the East side of the house. At 5:00 PM CST One could say that is is just a little warm today here in the Mojave Desert on June 21st. This is day three of temperatures over 112 for us...
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John Enfield

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We're back with a new blog post!  This one is something completely different from recent posts, but as you'll see, it is still something to consider when enhancing the environs in which you live and work.
When we started this blog, we said we'd be talking about more than 'just' gardening and landscaping, and we have done a blog article or two on other topics. We think it's time for another to continue to show how holistic, or...
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John Enfield

So many movies on Netflix some good, some not so good.  - 
As a big Bernard Cornwell fan, I'm loving "The Last Kingdom"!  It's so well done and mostly follows the books "The Burning Land" and others that he wrote about one of my favorite periods in world history.  One of the best things on Netflix now.
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This series is very good. Thanks for the recommendation! Netflix is co-producing season two.
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John Enfield

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Happy Independence Day! Here's a real treat for you.
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Love our Flag and Love this song!
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John Enfield

Nintendo  - 
Finally go The Force Unleashed II for the Wii.  Got it for only $5.00 at my local Gamestop.  I've gotten through the first level and into the second one now.  So far, I'm liking it better than the first one.  Better controls, physics and gives you more of a feeling of being powerful while still being a challenge.  The first level was a lot of fun to play with its appearance by Darth Vader and just enough hints to keep you from getting stuck.  I hope I don't get hopelessly stuck on a platforming section of the game like I did in the first game at some point.
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How are the controls? I bought a marvel game I had a blast with my friend on his Xbox but got it for the Wii. I couldn't stand the controls so I took it back because I couldn't stand them. 
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John Enfield

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I found a new fun website to make ranked lists of stuff on. It's like Ranker used to be in that it's easy to use and isn't too cluttered with ads and different constantly shifting featured sections on the main screen.
Ten gadgets that, at one glance, you can tell what show, movie, cartoon etc. it is from. These are the gadgets (at least toy versions of them anyway) that every sci-fi fan needs.
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Christian, Expert Gardener, Freelance Writer, Gamer, Movie Buff, Learning Enthusiast
I took Ornamental Horticulture classes at CSN in Las Vegas. Before that, I was a Rangeland Management Specialist with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service for five years.  I consulted with landowners, designed conservation plans, specified work to be done and supervised the work in all sorts of projects from erosion control to tree plantings to wildlife habitat enhancement to wetland restoration and more on cropland, grassland, woodland, and even rural landscaping around buildings.   Planning on having a unique interior/exterior design and landscaping business someday. I also have a lot of experience with writing, editing, blogging, consulting and repairing computers.  I've also worked in retail recovering store rooms and sales floors as well as in recommending the products and services to customers that actually met their wants and needs rather than whatever the stores were currently pushing.  Some of my managers didn't like it, but some of them came around when they saw how much the customers loved me and were starting to ask for me by name when they came back to the store.

Update!  I am graduating from CSN this year (2015) with a Certificate of Achievement in Ornamental Horticulture with a focus on Landscape Management.  The landscaping business I thought of is developing into a holistic, Earth friendly, whole property improvement and maintenance business.  God's always led me to help other people, and this is the best way I can do it with the education and experiences He's led me through.
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I boast of nothing but Jesus Christ and what He does for me and all of us.
  • Community College of Southern Nevada
    Ornamental Horticulture, 2011 - 2015
    Traditional Plant ID and Care; Xeric Plant ID and Care; Plant Propagation; Arboriculture (tree care); Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition; Integrated Pest Management; Annual Color Concepts (designing displays and planting beds using annual flowers); Irrigation Management and Design; Turfgrass Management; Plant Pathology; Intro to Acting (gotta be a well-rounded student you know) etc.
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln
    Range Science and Agronomy, 1992 - 1996
    Plant Taxonomy (the art and science of identifying plants using dichotomous keys and physical characteristics); Soil Science; Field Agronomy (raising grain and other crops); Natural Resources Policy; Animal Science; Macro and Micro Economics; Business Math; Physics (especially as they relate to irrigation, machinery and other practical applications); Seed Science; Organic Chemistry; Inorganic Chemistry; Performing Arts (more culture stuff); Great Plains Anthropology; Scientific Greek and Latin; etc.
  • Arthur County High School
    Trying to Figure Out What I Wanted to Be When I Grew Up, 1989 - 1992
    Your general High School classes except that I also took Choir; Band (saxophone); Art (from an award winning painter); One Act Theater; Debate and Persuasive Speaking; Wood Shop/Home Ec. (when I was in school, both girls and boys had to take one semester of each); Beginning French; Programming in BASIC; etc. I also learned a great deal outside of school through the 4-H program in which I tried almost every project group they had except for showing livestock.
  • TechSkills-Las Vegas
    Information Technology CompTIA certs, 2006 - 2007
    Desktop and Laptop PC repair, upgrading and building; The basics of programming in C++ and other such programs; Network Administration; Wireless Technologies; etc.
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  • ETA-International
    Nevada Representative, 2015 - present
    Discuss the benefits of membership at local events; Set up displays; Proctor Certification Exams;
  • Springs Preserve
    Docent, 2008 - present
    Volunteer to maintain the garden areas; answer questions of visitors
  • Enfield Enhanced Environs
    Co-Owner, 2015 - present
    Consult, plan, design, install and maintain indoor and outdoor home and business improvements; Care for plants in a holistic and Earth friendly way; Make the personality and interests of the people who live and work in a space become part of that space.
  • Tufel Media
    Social Media Manager, 2012 - 2015
    Manage and curate social media pages for individuals and companies; Develop and maintain social contact with customers of those companies; write articles and blog entries for Tufel Media's pages.
  • Sears, Roebuck and Company
    Sales Associate, 2006 - 2007
    Electronics Sales
  • CompUSA
    Service Writer, 2009 - 2009
    Interact with customers at Computer Repair Desk to process repair orders.
  • Circuit City
    Sales/Product Flow, 2010 - 2011
    Recover sales floor; unload trucks; Organize Backstock; answer customer questions.
  • Blockbuster LLC
    Associate, 2006 - 2006
    Process rentals and recommend movies and games.
  • Datanamics
    Telephone Tech Support, 2009 - 2009
    Manage Internet communications in hotels around the country; help hotel guests with Internet connectivity problems.
  • College of Southern Nevada
    Student Worker, 2011 - 2011
    Help set up and maintain experiments in greenhouses.
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service
    Rangeland Management Specialist, 2000 - 2006
    Consult, plan and supervise conservation projects with private landowners and various other agencies; educate the public about conservation issues and general life sciences subjects; Led a team of fellow NRCS employees to conduct a Natural Resources Inventory across Oklahoma to improve GIS and other database information; Proctored highs school students in the National Land Judging Contest;
  • Enfield Ranch Co.
    Ranch Hand, 1988 - 2000
    Raise corn, alfalfa, sorghum, beef cattle, chickens etc.; Build and repair barbed wire fence; Maintain water wells and stock tanks; ride horses to wrangle cattle; repair tractors and other equipment; help monitor rangeland health to determine proper stocking rates and cattle movement; etc.
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My wife have recently been to Bighorn Law's office in what we like to call 'Real Las Vegas'. This office is not in one of the McMansion populated, planned, fake communities on the edge of town like a lot of law offices are. This one is located on the North end of Eastern in a little strip mall next to a smoke shop and a bail bonds office. It's a bit like the TARDIS on Doctor Who as it looks tiny from the outside and in the waiting room, but once you are invited back, it seems to go on and on. There are more rooms inside for offices and meetings than you'd think there could be. It is nothing fancy and has a 'just moved in' feel to it, but it seems to have everything that is necessary. I like that about it. It's not ostentatious like many law offices are and I hope they keep it that way. They did have some fairly nice leather couches in the waiting room and decent office chairs in the lawyer's office that we went into, but that was about the limit of the fanciness. The best thing about visiting this office was the people who work there. The receptionist and Yvette, the office manager, were very welcoming and made us feel at ease, offering us a choice of drinks and snacks and chatting with us as if we were over at their house for a visit. We talked with Daniel, one of the lawyers in the firm who was working on our case. He really seemed to know his business and was professional while at the same time did a great job of being friendly and a bit comforting in a way. He knew we were nervous and set our minds at ease, answering our questions and explaining the whole process. He had a way of helping us remember what we needed to for the case that made us relax rather than get upset. It was as if we were chatting about some movie we had seen that he hadn't yet. I hope you never need an attorney as the reasons why usually aren't any fun at all, but if you do, I hope you wind up working with these guys at this office.
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Nine years ago, my wife had back trouble and started looking for a chiropractor. We had just moved to Vegas and weren't sure where to go. She drove by Dr. Cohen's office (back when they were up on Eastern North of Flamingo) and decided to give him a try. We've been getting adjustments from him ever since. I've had scoliosis since I was in High School and he's really improved it. My lower back pain is so much less now. We've also been involved in a couple of auto accidents since we've moved here and each time, he's helped us recover so much better from those wrecks than we would have without him. The supplements he recommends for virus infections, inflammation etc. really work too. He even takes Teacher's Health Trust for the chiropractic adjustments which is a real plus. Not every doctor in town does.
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