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I heard what you said....
Your words are beautiful ashes falling down out of your joy. Singing out of the dark corners of your heart. Away from old and weeping wounds; out of closets where frightened children hide they come. Life buried a wounded thing but God ordained a warrior The...

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I Just Gotta Say.....
I just read a rant about adult coloring books written by an art therapist and I just gotta say WOW. Among other things she lambasts them
as, “not creative, and not mindful (whatever mindful means).” I used to be a
snob too. I used to look down on people who...

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Random Thoughts from the RV
So I got up Saturday morning and prepared to read my Bible.
Prepared meaning I grabbed my tablet and opened the reading for the day. The reading
for the day had yet another list. I had been reading lists for about a week: genealogies,
lists of tribes, lists...

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The Gift
Those of you who know me know I have been unemployed for
several years. God continues to provide for me and meet my needs but most of
the provision comes in the form of the things I need and not much in the way of
hard cash. I am not complaining but putting...

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The Evolution of a Gardener
Yesterday I spent some time with Carol Carlisle talking
about her Daylilies. My Mother has a long history of interest in plants that
began when she was a teenager when she joined 4H; she joined a shrub
identification group. She and her team learned to ident...

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New Dog Mom
So this week I became a first-time dog
mom. I have always been a cat mom before so this is somewhat new territory.
Your average cat comes home with you; you show it the litter box, the cat food
dish, and the water dish. The cat proceeds to howl or ignore yo...

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Missing Blue Bell in Vancleave
Today I went to Greer’s grocery store in Vancleave for a loaf
of bread. After I priced and compared all the loaves of bread and settled on
the cheapest one. I wondered over to the ice cream cases out of curiosity. I
wanted to see if there was any Blue Bell ...

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I have been thinking about creativity lately. Mostly because
a number of people have told me they are not creative. One way to wind me up it
to tell me you are not creative. It brings out the snarly encourager in me. I
will fuss at you and if I know you wel...
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