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365 Project - Day 141
Sydney's Easter Storm

I've shared this a few times in different albums. It's part of the partially uploaded album from my Sydney Easter trip, and part of my Prints album. Which look amazing printed out. I'm serious. =P So it's about time I share it for the Album I usually take photos in mind of.

It was a 1200 lightning strike storm and boy did I get some awesome shots. This one here is probably my favourite from the storm, and the one that prints amazingly well. The storm was also responsible for causing my +Olympus E-620 to lock up for 12 hours due to the total drenching it took, I think this shot was after it had started acting up too, so the fact that I got it is rather awesome in retrospect.

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This is truly fabulous. Well done indeed Locky.
Out of interest - where were you for this POV? Directly under the bridge?
Also, did you use any kind of filter?
Thanks +Susan Clarke
+Debbie Stephens this is from at the end of the international cruise ships bit at The Rock. I also had a decent view of the Bridge too and got some shots of lightning over that too.

I think my camera was on auto WB as I'd been doing other shots so I saturated a little bit to match what I was seeing in compensation later. There was no filter though.
Very impressive, especially considering it was taken with a camera that wasn't working properly! Just gorgeous!
Thank you +Tisha Craw
+Heather Webb thank you, it was interesting getting my camera functioning seeing as it was stuck on Manual focus and no display on the back at this point. Shutter was firing on a half press too. Half the fun though is beating the camera though
Wow, this is awesome! Fantastic work! I love a good lightning shot, and you really nailed this one.
Wow, that really is an awesome shot. Should be in National Geographic!
This picture could be used for a X-men movie. Superb image !
no words to comment. just watch and enjoy.
Biasa ad yg spesial!!lebay lo smua!!
Y- Fi
beautiful view
Aw cool, this is great photography. ^^
This has got to be my most favoured photograph... It has my favourite colours in it and my favourite type of stormy weather <3
Mom, lets go to Sydney harbor! can we?
Its wonderful. Shows the real beauty of the Opera house plus a raging storm.
Electrifying! (pun intended..haha)
Thank you again Everyone. The response to this shot is overwhelming.

+jazzy sherwood it is a bit of a challenge. Takes a lot of patience, and a willingness to get soaked. But worth it :) Shame about the film though.
I rarely comment but it's awesome... So i am forced to comment
thanks GOD for these beutiful things...
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