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Olinda Falls

Here's another shot from my explorations up at Olinda Falls. This is one of the upper tiers of the lower falls. I got a little off the beaten track again.
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Very lovely!
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Photographic Memory

Lately I've had to rely on my memory rather than a camera. Mine was in for repairs. I finally got a verdict, Olympus Australia and Japan were both stumped as to the cause, but they've repaired it. I got my camera back today.

I need to come up with an alternate strap method than relying on the D-Ring for it though on recommendation from them. I think I've worked out something, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I think the planning of shots over the last few weeks is going to pay off. Stay tuned. There will be activity on the photo front.

Anyway, here's something from the phone that suits.
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glad to hear you have your camera back.
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Lachlan Downing

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The Australian Olympus Imaging repair centre staff are pretty decent to deal with.

There's just one problem... I'm currently without a camera. And could be for a while. I hate my luck with cameras sometimes. Especially when it wasn't my fault. 
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Bummer! It's good to know that they're good to deal with because I have to send my viewfinder In to be repaired /replaced.
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Up Close, Personal, and Pink?
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+Lachlan Downing I'll do you one better and reshare it while I'm at it. 
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White Night Flinders

Last Night in Melbourne, was the Second Annual White Night. From 7pm through to 7am the city was alive with art exhibitions, light displays and projections, and all manner of things to entertain the mind and sustain the body.
The projections on Flinders Street Station were pretty impressive, and this was one of the sequence at around 5am.

Now, I think sleep may be in order for those that attended, Definitely is for me. I hope you had fun if you did go.

#whitenight   #whitenightmelb   #whitenightmelbourne  +White Night Melbourne 
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Pozdrav našma tamo u tim njihovim Belim Noćima Melburna
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Have him in circles
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I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday after a late night playing with my new phone to go up into the hills and teach. Fortunately for me, the location was pretty awesome, so it wasn't a hard day. I even got some photos I like, though I'm still paranoid I've missed a leech somehow.

Here's one of the shots I got once I climbed off the path.

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Awesome +Lachlan Downing
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Observatory Hill

I need to go back to this spot and do it proper justice. A flimsy travel tripod, and being a little distracted meant that I missed the best time to get this panorama and got it a bit late.

I'm going to be diving through my much older archives to see what fresh eyes can find. It could be interesting or could result in nothing. I do know that I definitely am feeling the desire to travel again though.

#sydney   #sydneyharbourbridge  
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Lovely view!
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The Best Camera is the one you have On You
Still a pretty poor substitute when all you have is a phone

Feeling the camera withdrawals fairly strong today. Especially as I happen to be near a waterfall and such.

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Better than my digital waste of space. Look up Vivitar's ViviCam 7022. Nearly all smart phones take better pics than this thing.
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Lachlan Downing

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Sitting Pretty

Macro is not something I'm the best at, but when I get the chance to, I'm often fascinated with what subjects you can find.

As is though, some people wouldn't consider this on the macro scale because it doesn't dominate the screen. I think it would look awesome on Canvas though, any takers interested in getting a print?

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Simple and clean. 
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Flinders Fireworks

I don't really feel like I've created anything inspiring in the last few months. Just getting photos I think have potential seems to be in short supply. I keep taking photos of the same things every time I get out, or that's how it feels.

On the other hand. I did manage to get this photo of Chinese New Year Fireworks over part of Flinders street a while back

#chinesenewyear   #fireworks  
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Beaut lights all around. 
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Have him in circles
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Landscape, Event and Portraiture Photographer.
Always striving for that perfect shot, and quite willing to use the DSLR that is never too far from the hand. 

Google Plus is primarily a playground for me. This means that while I post photos they aren't necessarily going to be my most amazing shots. They're my experiments, what works and what doesn't. They'll include 365 project photos, photos from photowalks or my daily explorations, and sometimes the photos I've put my emotions into.

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