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Breaking through the noise (and clutter).

Every little trick to "go viral" and "guaranteed success" has been tried, copied and beaten to death. Hence it is amazing that people still find a way to stand out. All it takes? A little bit of creativity.

Example of the day... Dollar Shave Club.

It is really a $9/mo shave club, but whatever. Even if you are the most jaded social media veteran of the viral wars, I'm sure this will make you smile.

PS: Here's the real metric of success for a viral video: % of clean on topic comments submitted. The average for a YouTube video is 0.2%. For this video it stands at 99%. Real. Measurable. Success. :)


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Great photo - I wish I had the skills and time to shoot stuff like this so I can reach my ultimate goal of photowalking with +Trey Ratcliff
I was shooting some street photography in Beijing yesterday in the Hutongs. There was a street performer who had trained his bird to fly to people's hands and pickup change. Everyone had their hands out to give him money. Very clever...

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How I may, hypothetically, feel some times

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via +Felicia Day

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In-depth explanation of why Siri matters.
One reason I was underwhelmed about Apple's announcements this week is because I've known about Siri for about two years now. I just reviewed my video with Siri's founders and it's stunning the strategic importance of this that I saw: You should watch the video I did with Siri's founders:

It's not every day that the future visits my house 18 months before it visits everyone else's, but that is a day I won't ever forget!

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via +Robert Scoble,

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Great picture via +Rob Malda ! Now to find places that sell custom stickers . . .

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via +Felicia Day , if you haven't followed her already, do so!
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