Member Posting Guidelines

1) Posts must be related to Fantasy Football

2) Posts should contain engaging comments or questions. Make sure that your post contains a relevant, informative message or question. Posts that only contain a link or hashtag, etc. with no descriptive information will be removed.

3) No more than three original posts/day per user. You may comment, +1, and reshare as much as you like. We want to make sure that everyone in this Community has an opportunity to be heard.

4) Recommended : use images, memes, GIFs and videos. We understand that this doesn't always apply but try to include whenever possible.

5) Recommended : use hashtags in your post to surface Community content throughout Google+ and attract new users. The official hashtag of the Community is #FFCentral  but we also recommend using things like  #FantasyFootball , #Football , #NFL , #Patriots , #TomBrady  and anything else that's relevant to your posts.
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