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Thanks to a friend, I got to toy with the Canon EOS 7D Mark II, and chose to use my trusted allrounder Lens - the Sigma DG 28 - 300mm.
The AF was incredibly fast and almost always spot on by the Canon EOS M 7D Mark II, whereas the EOS M Autofocus performance is a typical hit and miss.

Below is a comparison shot. The default color settings are obviously different. The sharpness as well, due to the powerful Autofocus capability of the D7 MARK II.

There isn't much to talk here that hasn't been covered in other reviews. In comparison, there are no quantum leaps in sensor performance (APS-C size).
Color processing is better, and the dynamic range is a tick better, subjectively speaking.
The powerful AF performance, means that some 'bad lenses', known for their troublesome AF performance, can be bought cheaply  and used on the EOS D7 MarkII without a hitch.

You can download the originals photos with all EXIF information here:
* EOS-M:
* D7MII:

#canonphotography   #canon   #canonusers   #dslrphotography   #dslr_review   #EOSM   #D7MarkII   #CanonEOSD7   #losauerphotography
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we love people kind understanding 4 me
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Lo Sauer

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Izmit, Kocaeli at night

When I was roaming Izmit (Kocaeli, Türkiye) with my friend Mehmet, my dreamy eyes glanced a moonlight landscape reaching all the way from the horizon to my travel-tested white running-shoes. Balancing and equally opposing the moon's cold, grey-white regolith reflection, was ornamented, manmade structures unlike any city I've seen. Next thing I now, my feeble fingers were busy fiddling camera settings and tripos legs, only to be quickly followed upon eagerly triggering the camera release button.

1080p version:

#izmit #kocaeli   #türkiye   #nightphotography   #nightlife   #nightscapes   #nightshot   #turkey   #megacity   #travelphotography   #traveltips   #losauerphotography  
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That's so pretty....!
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Lo Sauer

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The beautiful cityscape of Bursa, Türkiye that unfolds at the city center after dusk.

#bursa   #türkiye   #nightphotography   #nightlife   #nightscapes   #nightshot   #turkey   #megacity   #travelphotography   #traveltips   #losauerphotography  
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Nice photo 
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Lo Sauer

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Photo: Oguz
It was noon. A quick glance at my clock confirmed what my mind already outguessed. The full-blown Mediterranean summer heat was  relentlessly descending upon Istanbul's old city. My state of mind was rather dimensionless. A state of peace and calmness with prevailing quietness as my mind had already wandered off from the surrounding noise of cheerful tourists, industriously discussing their travel plans.
My dimensionless self was meandering the dry, dusty streets near the Hagia Sophia, when I stumbled upon a couple attempting to capture each others cute likeness. The type of photos that eternally ban suave memories worth preserving. Photos that will surely capture the imagination of future-fated boys and girls, as they murmur "Was that you dad?" with their curiously vigorous, little voices.
After exchanging a few careful words, as travelling strangers do, quickly followed up by the universal language of smiles, those mutual strangers turned out to be friends.
At that moment I was reminded of the old adage that  _A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet_

#portraitphotography   #portraiture   #portraitphotographer   #blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhite   #turkeytravel   #turkeyholidays   #istanbul   #losauerphotography  
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Izmks rsv
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Lo Sauer

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Marveling Andalucia
Showing the beauty of the Spanish Andalucia one epic video.

#travelphotography #traveltips  #traveling #espana #video   #youtube   #spain #europeanphotography   #videoediting   #cutting #night   #andalucia #filmmakers   #shorts   #sony  
A new video has just landed: Marveling Andalucia
The video-edit is jam packed with fantastic footage from my recent trip to Spain, with more coming your way.

Enjoy, share and leave a comment if you liked it! 
Watch / Download in HQ:

On Youtube: Marveling Andalucia by Lo Sauer (Dramatic Dubstep Edit)

If you are in the mood to discover more, check out the new video of my friend +Ken Fitzgerald
Dominican Republic Young and Beautiful DAY 4 Voyage around the World

#travelphotography   #video   #youtube   #spain #europeanphotography   #videoediting   #cutting #night   #andalucia #filmmakers   #shorts   #sony  
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WOOW IS beatiful...congratulations..!
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Lo Sauer

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*AniJS* is great for creating web-animations ranging from technical to demonstrative. The project has finally started its Kickstarter phase, and if you haven't heard of it yet, do so now and find out if and how it might make your life easier. Then consider supporting the project.
Find more from +Dariel Noel Vila Plagado  here: and 
Dariel Noel is raising funds for AniJS Studio on Kickstarter! A visual tool to add Interactions and Animations to any Web without coding.
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Lo Sauer

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Turkey, Marmara-region like you have never seen before. Prepare to be amazed.
Disclaimer: Work in progress. I had to share the video though. You will see why!

#ocean #marmara #türkiye   #türkei   #turkey   #filmmaking  #travel #filmphotography   #travelphotography #videography #video   #youtube #europeanphotography +AUSTRIAN PHOTOGRAPHERS by +Edith Kukla  #videoediting  #cutting #night #filmmakers  #shorts   #sony #thomasschoebinger
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Wonderful country
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Lo Sauer

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As the sun was setting unflinchingly,  radiating an array of soothing colors to illuminate this mesmerizing world, an unwavering family stood its ground in the calm waters of the black sea, near the historical town of Kefken, Turkey. 

#losauerphotography #kefken #beach  #photography #türkiye #turkey #dawn #sunset #people #swimming
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Lo Sauer

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Photo: The early bird . Stretching in the background is Istanbul's Kadıköy skyline.
Have a great day.

#oceanphotography   #oceanside   #travel   #travelphotography   #turkeytravel   #türkiye   #istanbul   #segull   #cloudy  #cloud #bird #birdphotography   #losauerphotography  
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Stunning beautiful moment! Great picture!
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Lo Sauer

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Here is a more abstract photo, titled Apparent freedom. Divide would have been an equally fitting title. The photo doesn't have a particular place nor time, only the appeal for a moment of reflection.

#chasm #divide #hilltop   #barbedwires   #barbed   #protection   #liberty   #freedomofspeech  #freedom #losauerphotography   #socialmedia  
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Vety beautiful photo!
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Lo Sauer

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Incredible hang performance by +HangMassive . The musical instrument is called a hang, though colloqually referred to as hangdrum against the wishes of its inventors.

Hang Massive - Once Again - 2011 ( hang drum duo ) ( HD )

#music #musicvideo #switzerland   #hangdrum   #hang #hangmassive #chillout   #resonator #relax #shoutout  
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u mean they turned the jamaican steel drum over. lol  kool and nice sound.. and like jamaican music. it all sounds the same. lol
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Lo Sauer

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Love cat
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I love taking pictures, writing software and be inspired by science and people from all walks of life
I am a Software Engineer with over 5 years of professional experience, involving projects for brands like Microsoft, Sony and Gewista. My passions include the outdoors, blogging about technical programming and design as well as capturing the beauty around me in photos.

Where to circle me:
  • Nature
  • Science
  • Photography
  • Software engineering/programming
  • GPUs (Graphics Cards/Video games)
  • Life philosophy
  • Social Media

Note, that if I haven't added you permanently, I may not have discovered you yet. Drop me a line :)
  • University of Vienna
    Molecular Biology (BSc,MSc), 2012
  • University of Vienna
    Chemistry (BSc), 2011
  • HTLW16
    Technical Informatics, 2004
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Lorenz Lo Sauer, Lorenz Sauer
A fantastic Coffee House with a perfect location and good coffee served by friendly personal. Pros are cleanliness, accessibility, good coffee that is reasonably priced and an embedded ice cream parlor. The cons are few in that the atmosphere gets naturally loud and partially hot from which there is no retreat. Ideal place for slacking off and enjoying the moment with friends for a while.
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Pro's are Cleanliness, friendliness, a recognizable franchise with all its perks, and simply amenable atmosphere for work, yet its small-ish as a mentionable con. In Summary, another Starbucks location that is a go to destination for getting thing done rather than slacking off and socializing over coffee.
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One of the best looking, modern, easy to navigate Airports with a cost-effective price structure and the charm of nearby Bratislava. Although Slovakia is awesome all by itself, this airport makes it even better!
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Very nice ambiance. A blend of friendly waiters and nice locals, alongside a wide range of drinks and great coffee. The prices are very decent. Highly recommended.
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8 reviews
Nice place with a 'retro-touch, and friendly male staff, situated on an otherwise boring, dull street-side.
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A fantastic view down to the sea, quietly situated across the police station, and close to the city center. The genuine highlight though is the hostess. Fluently conversing in English, Italian and Spanish , she is always helpful and cheers up the place. It is not hard to feel like home. The place is cozy, clean and homemade delicacies are awaiting you in the morning. Highly recommended to anyone. At this point a heartily thanks.
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Great food, very kind waiters. The food was served within minutes. At the entrance is a bar. The large restaurant with around a hundred seats can get very crowded around holidays. Reservations are helpful in that case.
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reviewed 2 years ago