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Some unexplained Facts!
Scientist claims to have found hidden image under Mona Lisa Scientist claims to have found hidden image under Mona Lisa A French scientist claims to have discovered a hidden image under the Mona Lisa, adding further mystery to the enigmatic Da Vinci masterp...

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This week, at the 2016 Game Developers Conference, we saw a lot of games. Some we recognized, some felt familiar, and some were unlike anything we'd seen before. Across all consoles and even virtual reality, we found a handful of experiences that we know yo...

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3 Crazy Lottery Winner story!
These 3 Shouldn’t Have Won the Lottery (But They Did!) Anyone can play the lottery – all you need to do is buy a ticket. Playing the $80 million Powerball draw this Saturday is easy – just get your ticket in a kiosk, or play US Powerball online from anywher...

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iPhone 6S Vs iPhone 6S Plus: What's The Difference?
The wait is over. After months of hype, Apple has formally announced the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus and – as usual – the new handsets are polarising opinion. Fans are excited by some potentially game changing changes, while critics bemoan the stylistic si...

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Apple's next? Brains of an iPhone 6S in a 5S body
VENICE BEACH — Have smartphones gotten too big? At a press event Monday, Apple is expected to introduce a new iPhone model, the SE, which will have most of the features of the newer 4.7-inch iPhone 6S and even bigger 5.5-inch iPhone 6S Plus, such as an enha...

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hey guys 

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150 Street Artists Covered an Old Tunisian Village in Beautiful Murals
For the past two months, 150 artists from 30 nations have been busy in the village of Erriadh, one of the oldest in Tunisia. They have been covering its buildings, gates, windows — almost any flat surface — in murals, in hopes of enticing tourists and infus...

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Belgian City to Build Underground Pipeline for Beer
In an effort to eliminate disruptive delivery trucks driving through its picturesque streets, the Belgian city of Bruges approved plans Tuesday to create an underground pipeline for transporting beer. Agence France-Presse reported the pipeline is set to con...

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Slow-Motion Tattooing Might Permanently Scar Your Brain
A video showing tattooing in slow-motion takes the prize for today’s list of things that make you say “Oh, this shouldn’t be that ba...oh god. NO! STOP! CLOSE THE LAPTOP! NONONO!” Skip ahead to 3:00 and watch an up-close look at what actually happens when s...
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