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Who wouldn't love to be backstage in the studio of +The Big Bang Theory?
Unfortunately, we can't make that happen, but here are some nice pictures!

Source: (Sara Mitchell's with more info!)
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Norton 360! And a book on Vista!! I am so ashamed
+Michael Luich you are right. I also noticed in some episode that +Sheldon Cooper was browsing using IE9 (or some other version of the bloody thing...). That seemed unlikely, also considering that in some other episode Sheldon stated that +Ubuntu was his favourite OS... the 2 things seem quite non-compatible to me

edit: other than that... wonderful series =)
Penny ... Penny ... Penny ?
+nora lynom you forgot the ... after last Penny!

Its Penny knock knock knock Penny knock knock knock Penny knock knock knock!! :D
They prefer the RPG book to be read to them before bed to they are kept in the rooms.
A rubix cube tissue cozy using yarn and plastic canvas. <----my new craft project!
when you watch the show u never realize the things on the wall and all the interesting things are there.
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